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Blue Apache: Redefining Value Addition through Collaborative Technical Partnership

Chris Marshall,Founder and Managing Director

Technology as we know today is the product of human curiosity and the need to fulfill the necessity and that’s not some thing that the mankind will ever run out of. In the world of infinite variables, growth is the only constant. The same applies to the modern corporate scenario. Digitalization of businesses started as a trend, but with time it became the fundamental factor for almost all the businesses around the world to survive in the competitive market. IT has not only enabled growth but has also induced innovation even within the sectors that were previously stagnant. One such organization which finds its spark over enabling mid-sized enterprises and SMEs to develop through leveraging its expertise in IT is Blue Apache. Established in 1998, Blue Apache is an entity trusted for the delivery of Business-critical IT solutions to some of Australia’s most successful medium-sized organizations.

Since the beginning, Blue Apache has formed successful partnerships with renowned providers in order to build a strong client base. The company recognizes the value created through partnership.
Blue Apache’s world-class technology and innovative IT-as-a-Service solutions are underpinned by its collaboration with global industry specialists. The company strives to work closely with its partners to develop co-operative, effective relationships which ensure a high quality, cost effective and timely technology and communications solutions to meet its clients’ needs. Blue Apache has partnered with VMware, a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. This partnership significantly reflects the strength of Blue Apache’s commercial and technical capabilities across the VMware product suite, through which, the company is now recognized as a professional Business Partner, Enterprise Partner and VMware V-Service Professional Provider.

The company’s client engagements are considerably pragmatic and specialized. Besides, its unique approach towards its clients helps the organization understand their needs and enable them to foster a consultative relationship based on trust.