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BEANS Group Sdn Bhd: The API/SOA Specialist

The introduction of every advancing technological trend follows the rush in the adoption of the same, making organizations susceptible to a number of risk-inclusive factors. While a successful implementation can provide a strong lead to an organization; on the flipside if the execution doesn’t meet its desired end, it meets major loss of the current hard-earned foot-hold, taking several steps backwards. Hence, to ensure the successful adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), organizations pursue for vendors who aren’t mere sellers, but also are skilled guides, devoted to facilitating their clients in setting foot in the right place. With the sole aim to enable successful execution of the intricacies of SOA, Beans Group Sdn Bhd Malaysia started out in 2009 as an SOA consulting firm catering to banks in Malaysia. Joe Seah, Practice Director, BEANS Group says, “Adopting SOA isn’t just about a single implementation. It’s about a continuous journey of transformation that could span across the organization perpetually. SOA focuses on the business services integration translated into application integration.” For the long-run, organizations want an implementer capable of supporting the transformation of projects both technically and financially. In this regard, BEANS has been undertaking SOA implementation projects and has the right know-how to help organizations in this transformation.”

BEANS Group Sdn Bhd Malaysia, originally an associate of BEANS Group Pte Ltd Singapore then joined the industry when SOA has just hit the market, with IBM being the primary technology platform of choice.
In addition, BEANS engages in the role of a ‘principal-neutral implementer’, which helps them in providing consulting services irrespective of technology platform adopted. Being a principal-neutral implementer, BEANS has the dexterity to judge the value of multiple SOA platforms available in the market.

With no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, BEANS Group designs various solutions in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Application Development (Web/Mobile), eCommerce, Business Process Management and Application Test Management. The company invests heavily in Red Hat JBoss Middle ware solutions with a key focus on JBoss Fuse and A-MQ softwares- helping organizations adopt Redhat solutions in an effective and hassle-free manner. BEANS is one of the earliest adopters of Redhat software, evolving, maturing and gaining insights about the latest Red Hat iterations and migration of projects. All of this has given them ample insights into the functioning of the Redhat software and various facets of the same, helping them act and revise themselves accordingly. “Being early adopters of Red Hat software comes with its own challenges, as the maturity of the software is relatively young and problem solving becomes difficult. More often than not, our technical staff needs to review the underlying open source codes to understand the internal mechanics in order to provide a solution.”

For the delivery of its services, BEANS employs new approaches to application development and implementation, which results in the delivery of cost effective services in a short time frame. The company’s services and industrial know-how has made BEANS a force to be reckoned with in the industry. A testament to their abilities was established when their customer, Alliance Bank, won the iCMG 2012 award for SOA Vision for Enterprise Services.