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Besmart Global Indonesia: Aligning Business Needs with IT Strategies

Sonny Polyanto,CEO

More than ever, today's modern day enterprises are now in a rush to manage and align business with IT applications, data, infrastructure, technology and integration. With IT environments becoming more complex than ever, businesses are in need of expert guidance to add more system.

Besmart Global Indonesia is an IT solutions provider, helping clients build an agile business & IT architecture by provides a clear guidance with realistic business, technical and financial road map. “Our primary objective is to help clients align their business direction, with IT Strategy to fulfill business needs, with the focus of obtaining higher benefits, flexibility, and increasing investment effectiveness”, explains Sonny Polyanto, CEO, PT Besmart Global Indonesia.

Founded in January 2014, the company has been focusing on Enterprise Architecture Consultation and Besmart Universal as the Education Cloud Service. Armed with a team of enterprise architecture consultants, business process consultants, SOA designers and developers, custom mobile and web application developer Besmart has rendered its services to more than 10 large players in the financial services, telecommunication, automotive, and public sectors. The company has built an arsenal of several products and SAAS cloud systems, such as Dealer Management System, Corporate eLearning and certification, Integrated Call Center System, Core Banking System, and School Management System. Having had a humble beginning with only seven individuals, the organization has since grown into a team of 80 individuals in a short span of time.

Delivering the Red Hat Advantage

Besmart team’s experience and best-practices has been the key in helping clients develop Agile IT Architecture. The implementation experiences of providing solutions such as SOA, IDM, SSO, BPM, Data Virtualization, Infrastructure Virtualization, MDM, and many more have contributed in developing the detail of Agile IT Architecture through good practice. Besmart has partnered with Redhat to use its all encompassing enterprise platform solution to develop the Agile Architecture and to implement the robust platform. “Red Hat’s Solution such as Enterprise Class Platform, enables companies to have a robust platform for their system. Besmart has the capabilities on Architecture, Design, and Implementation of Red Hat’s Enterprise Platform such as REV & RHEL, Jboss EAP, Jboss Data Virtualization, Jboss AMQ, Jboss SOA, Jboss BPM,” elaborates Sonny. By having vast experiences in architecture, design, and implementation, Besmart has a competitive edge in having the capability to provide an alignment between the Global Architecture view and the detailed design view and alignment between design and implementation using Red Hat’s platform.
Facilitating Enterprise Wide System Developments

The company also aids clients to develop an enterprise wide system. “To develop a large and crucial core application, the customer must consider architecture, design, development, and transition.

Besmart has the capabilities on Architecture, Design, and Implementation of Red Hat’s Enterprise Platform such as REV & RHEL, Jboss EAP, Jboss Data Virtualization, Jboss AMQ, Jboss SOA, Jboss BPM

Besides the proper functionality to support business needs, system performance, availability, and capacity must be paid attention in designing and developing the system,” explains Sonny. Besmart team has the best practice and experience in constructing the architecture, designing, and developing Enterprise Core Application for banking, telecommunication, automotive, manufacturing, and education sector.

The Besmart team has ample experience and best practice related to Business and IT Architecture, Design, Intersystem Integration, and Custom Development. In developing these solutions, the company always considers an end-to-end solution, to deliver a clear, executable, effective, and in-line with business needs for its customers.

Transforming People and Technology

“Our tagline is ‘transforming people and technology’ and keeping in line with that we seek to transform people’s lives by providing new user experiences from the latest technology,” elaborates Sonny. Besmart’s next milestone is transforming people, through synergizing different industries that have different services to become a set of composite services. Based on the experiences of synergizing the infrastructure to become a set of services (cloud), synergizing data and process to become a set of services (SOA), and synergizing business and all IT Assets (Enterprise Architecture), Besmart’s next challenge is to synergize between companies from different industries to have a unified service that is powered by IOT, Big Data, and Digitalization.