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Fidelis Cybersecurity : A Step Towards a Digitally Secure Future

Peter G George , President & CEO

It is just amazing to see how the world has been so receptive towards all things digital. Within just last couple of decades the wave the digitization has engulfed the entire corporate universe irrespective of any industry segment. As much as this transformation has to offer, it has still got a lot many holes to fill; the biggest of them being the cyber security. Enterprise Security isn’t only confined to the protection of sensitive data but it goes beyond to developing a rigid impenetrable wall to keep it safe and protect from future attacks. The market, however still faces a steady challenge when it comes to securing their data effectively. This is where Fidelis Cybersecurity comes into picture. Founded in 2002, Fidelis protects the world’s most sensitive data by equipping organizations to detect, investigate and stop advanced cyber attacks. The company has built its stature to a level prominence that today it serves over 40 percent of the world’s most valuable brands and helps them with their digital security engagements. Fidilis’ customers base ranges from a 205-person financial services firm in the US mid west to the world's largest technology companies, manufacturers, and professional services firms with more than 40,000 employees with a shared intent to protect their valuable assets. Peter G George, President & CEO, Fidelis, exemplifies “Our mission has always been to protect the world's most sensitive data and to deliver on it we have evolved our offering to keep pace with attackers' tools and tactics”.

Fidelis’s highly integrated line of products, services and proprietary threat intelligence enables its customers to proactively face advanced threats and prevent data theft with immediate detection, monitoring and response capabilities. The company offers Advanced Threat Defense, Malware Detection, Network Security, Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint Security and Next Generation IPS. With Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint Platform, customers can get one step ahead of any attacker before a major breach hits. The Fidelis Network enables the customer to detect the tools and tactics of advanced attackers including advanced malware, exploits and command and control activity that typically bypasses traditional network security systems.
It also helps in Identifying attacker behavior including lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration. The Fidelis Network provides the visibility, context and speed required to identify threats and ensures the prevention of data theft in future. Fidelis Endpoint identifies compromised endpoints and automates the customer’s investigation and response by eliminating time-consuming manual steps so that they can triage and validate suspected incidents faster. Fidelis Endpoint provides the visibility, context and automation required to identify and stop security incidents as they unfold.

“Fidelis protects the world’s most sensitive data by equipping 0rganizations to detect, investigate and stop advanced cyberattacks.”

Fidelis follows a very pragmatic approach towards its clients and handles their threat related issues with a personal touch. “The daily reality that our customers face isn't an abstraction or a PowerPoint to us. It's the reality we live every day. We recognize that the attackers are after them personally, attacking their business, their intellectual property, their reputation and their data” adds Peter.

Fidelis employs a unique blend of professionals under its mission to create a secure network and to keep pace with attackers' tools and tactics. Over 350+ employees are dedicated to securing enterprise data comprising of individuals who have built the world's first Security Operations center (SOC), former CISOs and a team that has built the biggest brands and products in the security industry. With a mission to create a secure global corporate network, Fidelis has stood out as an exceptional enterprise security provider and continues enhance its efficiency in service execution and delivery.