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25 Most Promising Robotics and Automation Tech Solution Providers

ColeTEK: Customized Robotics, Automation and IT Consulting Services

Luke Cole, CTO

Robotics has come a long way from its roots and has changed the landscape of national defence and space exploration. With the ability to perform jobs seamlessly, it is being used for households and enterprises for greater accuracy and reliability. And numerous businesses in the past have come up credible solutions that have strengthened the faith of enterprises and even homemakers in robotics. One such company which introduced a wide variety of customized robotic solutions for homes, businesses, and education more than a decade ago is ColeTEK. Since its inception in 2004, the company has been providing a wide variety of robotics services including consultation for robotic/ automated solutions to streamline clients’ businesses, repairing an existing robotic product or complex system, and developing platform for research or R&D centres. In addition, the company also prototypes clients’ robot ideas and supports the inventors.

With its ability to create a top-notch robotic experience for clients in Australia and worldwide, ColeTEK has served clients from various verticals. ColeTEK serves various industries such as electronics, engineering, automation, graphics, security, and IT. The company carries the capability to comprehend the problems of clients from various angles that enables it to provide most effective solutions to businesses. ColeTEK has also specialized in digital electronics, embedded systems, wireless charging, and connectivity to any required sensors, motors, and PC or custom LCD. As a proficient graphic designer and animation service provider, ColeTEK also offers 3D modelling, animations, product visualisations, computer rendering, motion graphics, and digital signage. In order to help clients in engineering domain, the company provides customized solutions such as CAD drawing using PythonCAD, FreeCAD, Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, AutoDesk Inventor and Meshlab.
Assisted by a team of proficient and passionate professionals, the company specialises in robotics and other IT domains. ColeTEK has built a wide range of technologies such as Autonomous Mobile Robots, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping, Path planning, Goal Recognition, Collision Avoidance, Neural networks and so on.

With its ability to create a top-notch robotic experience for clients in Australia and world wide, ColeTEK has served clients from various verticals.

With extensive experience in developing both software and hardware solutions in Australia and worldwide, the company offers a broad range of projects in robotics, automation, desktop applications, drivers, mobile apps, websites, electronics, and mechatronics. While the company’s electronics services offer a complete solution from PC software to a novel device with embedded firmware, ColeTEK also ensures the security of IT community by offering services such as security monitoring, hacker detection, and testing organization vulnerabilities. “The engineers with in the ColeTEK Robotics departments have a combined experience of 50 years in the robotics field, from robotics applications in software or hardware to general automation solution for your business’’ says, Luke Cole CTO, ColeTEK.