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Exaptec: Specialised Experts in Telepresence, Personal and Service Robots in Australia

Nicci Rossouw, CEO

The concept of telepresence is not new. It first surfaced in the 1980’s when Marvin Minksy painted a picture of people wearing “sensor-motor jackets” to work at their jobs thousands of miles away. Thirty years later it has become a reality and common practice amongst innovative, forward looking businesses to explore telecommuting technologies that heralded the emergence of personal robotics.

This motivated technology entrepreneurs to experiment further with a range of new innovations and inventions that is leading the way to a future where personal robots are gaining ground in the global market place.

During 2014 innovative businesses were seen to debut in the robotics industry including Exaptec, an early adopter and user of telepresence robots.

Australia based Exaptec operates as a specialised robotics company that produces robots that are productively used by individuals, managers, teachers, students, consultants, teams and families. Nicci Rossouw, CEO of Exaptec says, “We are passionate about practical and day-by-day useful robotics technology. We observed that there was a lack of local expertise and support for personal robotics platforms. This motivated us to venture into the robotics market.”

Exaptec’s most popular robots are classed as ‘telepresence’ robots that allow people to tele-dial into a robotic unit located at a remote location and tune into its “eyes and ears” (camera, microphone and speakers) and drive it around using an internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet.

The Exaptec robotics range includes Padbots from Inbot- an innovative robotics company with facilities in Guangzhou, China- Kubi from Revolve Robotics in San Francisco and the Double 2 from Double Robotics in Burlin game California.

Additionally, Exaptec is leading with a new range of intelligent robots from multiple startup manufacturers including AMY Robotics based in Hangzhou China.
The AMY robot, PadBot and Double robots have wheels to allow people to navigate across a floor space in forward and backward mode and look around whereas the Kubirobot is a table based model that consists of a movable ‘neck’ that allows users to look up and down and left and right.

Exaptec’s remotely controlled robots are suitable for enterprise as well as personal use. They are also great for people who want to work from home.

“Our next range of robots in addition to telepresence functions offers intelligence and programmability which includes learning capabilities, facial and speech recognition, barcode scanning, answering questions, training people, conducting location mapping, controlling instruments and the ability to patrol an area autonomously,” Nicci adds.

Exaptec is specialised in consumer robotics and consists of the most experienced team in Australia when it comes to telepresence and personal robots. The company believes in providing excellent service to its clients and thus intently analyses client's needs/requirements and business contexts so as to advise on the right technology which would help achieve business and personal objectives, improve business productivity, save cost and time.

The company’s key strength is its passion for robotics and the value that they can deliver for clients. And that is what has enabled Exaptec to maintain tremendous growth through service and specialisation in personal and telepresence robots.

Exaptec at present has provided more than a hundred robots to clients in Australia that are used productively every day to improve the way people work and play.

Exapec is very excited to expand on its range and introduce more advanced robots into the market in 2017. Talking about the future of the robotics industry Nicci adds, “We are confident that the use of personal, telepresence, social and service robots will only increase as more people become aware of the robots.”