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10 Most Promising Business Process Management Solution Providers

AgilePoint- Enables Enterprises Achieve Operational Excellence and Maximise Return on Investment

Incorporating a top –notch business process management in an organization enables business executives determine how to direct, monitor, and measure company resources. While its ability to effectively reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, and minimize risk errors provide greater accountability for departmental functions, comprehensive business project management practises help organizations keep track of their obligations, and ensure that they are in compliance with applicable standards and legislation.

Incorporated in 2003, AgilePoint provides comprehensive BPM solutions that ascertain maximum return on investment, best possible user – experiences, and operational success through excellence. By leveraging the deep enterprise experience and utilization of the latest Microsoft technology enable AgilePoint to offer solutions that are secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable on the market.

An organization that still depends upon the traditional BPM solution is generally undefined or some times defined solely through IT architecture. Under BPM, workflow can be specifically standardized through employee defined business systems, and business process. In this particular context, AgilePoint goes beyond the traditional BPM capability, engendering client’s process apps with the ability to respond, not just to devices and browsers, but to platforms, environments ,and the specific needs of disparate groups within the organization.

Bottom line of every business is to achieving operational excellence, and maximizing return on investment; but the expense on back office activities hinder enterprises from achieving these aspired results. With its prowess in business process management space, the company has developed a customized product – AgilePoint NX that helps companies decrease back – office spend - by systematically improving enterprise efficiency via modelling, automating, measuring, and refining process.
In addition, AgilePoint NX has the capability to empower clients to quickly create innovative new business apps that improve customer – experience and engagement, and ultimately drive up top- line revenue.

Agile Point’s management team has more than 40 years combined prior experience building similar solutions

Delivering value producing process – centric business solutions pertaining to every organization has enabled business users to quickly implement, and deploy cross functional, and cross organizational business process, and has helped to acquire more value than usually seen. Apart from the prime focus on business process management, the company also provides customized applications, and products. Their array of applications include digital transformation, SharePoint and office 365 workflow, mobile apps, Net suite apps , Oracle sales cloud apps, sales force apps, Saas apps, and SAP apps.

The company has also gained momentum by redefining the boundaries of what is possible for mid- level enterprise process solutions. “Agile Point’s management team has more than 40 years combined prior experience building similar solutions” says, Pedro Herrarte, Solution Architect, Agile point. Of the companies that offer business project management solutions, AgilePoint is on the top of list as it helps businesses achieve business agility while increasing profitability through optimized process, and integration efficiency.