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10 Most Promising Business Process Management Solution Providers

Laserfiche: Advanced BPM and ECM Solutions for Organizational Transformation

Nien-Ling Wacker, Founder

“Good software should be easy to use. Most software is difficult to use, but I don’t believe it has to be difficult. We make software that people love to use,” says Nien-Ling, entrepreneur and founder of software company, Laserfiche. As one of the first women to design software to manage documents, Nien founded Laserfiche, a developer of capture, workflow, forms, e-signatures and case management solutions in 1987, building tailor-made software for clients. The vision to develop customized software for businesses struck Nien during her tenure with American Honda where she worked on designing a system to manage and index a very large collection of documents. During this phase she identified various business needs that weren’t being properly addressed and as an outcome, incepted Laserfiche. “Over the past 30 years, the Laserfiche solution has come to incorporate tools for business process management (BPM), capture, mobile collaboration, e-forms, e-signatures, case management, records management, and many more.

Laserfiche is more than just a solution. It encompasses ways to drive operational excellence firm-wide by maximizing organizational potential with robust tools, saving time and resources by combining information and functionality. Its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) transforms how organizations manage information, automate document-driven business processes and make timely, informed decisions. It also holds a great spectrum of capabilities including capture, electronic forms, e-signatures, workflow, records management and security, allowing organizations to manage and share documents.

Additionally, the company’s business process management (BPM) solution helps transform organizations by driving efficiency, providing transparency and facilitating compliance for repeatable processes. “Laserfiche BPM provides specific instructions to reduce the need for training by providing the user with the information necessary to do his job, notifications ensure that deadlines are met and reporting allows the manager to view the user’s actions and the business process solutions,” explains Nien. By providing an elegant and intuitive user interface, Laserfiche ensures quick user adoption and integrates seamlessly with existing applications without coding. Clients can have the flexibility to scale the solution according to the size of their organization by expanding storage space, increasing users and adding modules when needed.

Another major solution offered by the company is Laserfiche Workflow Designer which allows users to quickly diagram and implement custom workflows in a graphical interface that can digitize entire processes like HR on boarding and accounts payable processing, without writing code.
Laserfiche has also released a business process library(BPL), with the release of Laserfiche 10. It’s a solution that allows organizations to utilize a compilation of hundreds of pre built forms-based business process templates, designed to eliminate unnecessary tasks so that organizations can deploy automated processes faster. It provides some of the most common business process templates for business solutions, like accounts payable processing, human resources and contract management, so resources can be redirected toward more important business processes. Laserfiche features a full graphical interface for both clients and administrators, enabling users to kick off projects easily, even with limited resources.

A privately held company that develops solutions for capture, workflow, forms, e-signatures and case management that help organizations drive business value and make timely and informed decisions.

Further, to address the growing demands for a public cloud ECM services, Laserfiche has come up with Laserfiche Cloud, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a central digital repository accessible from any where, web or mobile. This highly configurable off-the-shelf solution provides document imaging, document management, records management, business process automation and electronic forms functionality, allowing you to be equipped with the information you need any where, any time.

Laserfiche maintains a capable service portfolio which over the years has enabled it to evolve as the world’s largest privately-held ECM software company. With offices in Canada, Mexico, China, the United States and the United Kingdom and a client base of over 36,000, the organization proudly delivers one-on-one consultation services, attending to the needs of every single client. The company’s relentless efforts to address the market requirements and urge to keep innovating has received great recognition in the form of various awards such as the award for "Best Document Management" of the Wealth Management.com 2016 Industry Awards, Outstanding ECM Solution “Pick” Winner, “Best Enterprise Content Management” award of Computerworld Hong Kong for 2016, and so on.