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TATA BSS: BPM Services with a Digital Twist

Srinivas Koppolu, Managing Director & CEO

Digitization has undoubtedly been the buzzword throughout 2016 and for good reason. With the rise in adoption of smartphones, cloud services and widespread use of Internet to collaborate, businesses today view going digital as a business necessity and not as a mere luxury. Customers and employees alike have become netizens and it is imperative for businesses to adapt to the change to stay relevant. Tata BSS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, is a customer experience management company that has identified the impending growth of digital technologies and has subsequently shifted its focus towards helping its clients adapt to the digital ways of the world. The company helps its clients improve their engagement with their customers through an omni-channel approach. Tata BSS renders end-to-end CLM services and Business Process Services such as HRO, FAO, analytics and Business Process Audit services. Additionally, to enable business transformation through Digital, Tata BSS provides digital bench marking services, digital maturity assessments, online reputation management through social media listening and digital transformation accelerators such as

The Genesis

Till a few years ago, there was a dearth of competent CLM and BPM service providers who focused on the domestic market. Tata BSS came into existence to fulfil these needs of a large group company and was spun off as an independent business offering CLM services to various Tata group clients. “Over time, the company started acquiring clients from outside Tata Group including some international clients,” says Srinivas Koppolu, MD & CEO, Tata BSS. In 2005, the company was the first Indian BPM player to have a 3- site Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery strategy and had pioneered the hub-and-spoke delivery centre strategy. In 2006, the company was the first to provide all-India routing that allowed language preference based routing of calls to any centre in the country.
The company has since worked with over 100 clients across a range of verticals from BFSI, Automotive and Manufacturing, Telecom and Media, Retail and E-Commerce and other emerging industry clusters such as Education and Real Estate.

Bespoke BPM Services

For its clients in the automobile vertical the company provides the industry’s only platform-based auto insurance policy issuer with tie-up with 12 insurers pan-India. Armed with domain knowledge, IT infrastructure, contact centre and mail room management services the company works with various automobile insurance clients. Tata BSS also renders Business Insights & Analytics solutions such as data management, business intelligence, data mining and BI-analytics consulting to its clients. “With the enormous amount of data entering their databases from everywhere – especially from the digital channels, companies often struggle to make the most of this data,” explains Srinivas. The company helps organizations in both identifying the uses of data and analysis of data for decision making.

Additionally, Tata BSS helps clients manage their finance and accounting functions. Through its FAO services, the company acts as an extension to the CFO’s office through end-to-end offerings. The company is focused on Business Process as a Service (BPAAS) or cloud-enabled platform services that shift value to customers on business-oriented metrics rather than input metrics. Similarly, its Digital-In –A-Box offers a comprehensive tool kit to digitize a business, from social media management, social media listening and responses to Digital tools to assist a business comprehensively, starting from acquiring customers to engaging them and interacting with them. The company has adopted social media & mobile to handle associates across the employee life cycle. The company’s IT services cater to application development for client requirements, call center configurations, CRM and facilities management services. With an arsenal of strong BPM services, a leadership team with relevant industry experience, multilingual strength and a slew of happy clients, Tata BSS is now looking to expand its presence in North America, APAC and the Middle East.