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Magma Engineering Asia Pacific: Offering Software Support to the Metal Casting Industry

Innovative software applications are shaping the corporate culture with modern technicalities and out of it, software developers are enjoying major benefits. Offering software support to different kinds of business entities, software developers are making way to increase their revenue. With this notion and being a leading software developer and supplier in the global platform, Magma offers innovative and vigorous casting solutions by maintaining a strong partnership with the metal casting industry. Founded in the year 1988, Magma Engineering Asia Pacific has been combining the knowledge of casting process along with simulation competence. Operating from Singapore, Magma maintains a good terms with its customers by using their proficiency in order to get the advantage of profitable optimization for casting processes. The company is highly committed towards its casting operations and works proficiently to integrate technical progression of the same.

MAGMASOFT is modular simulation software falling under the major product and service portfolio of Magma. This came into operation after the release of MAGMA 5 and other engineering services for designing and optimization of casting processes. Christian Kleeberg, MD speaks, “MAGMASOFT is now used across the entire metal casting industry to optimise the cast components in automotive and heavy industry applications.” This software has a greater role to play in enhancing the competence and development quotient of the company as well. More importantly, Magma 5 assists foundries to remove the wasted energy and materials resulting in reduction of manufacturing cost along with adding more value to the whole casting process. Even the casting simulation process with the help of Magma 5 helps the company to achieve its strategic goals along with enjoying the competitive advantages lining up in this process. Magma 5 also minimises the development time of in-house designed products along with providing quality assurance through its operations.

“MAGMASOFT is now used across the entire metal casting industry to optimise the cast components in automotive and heavy industry applications”

The company is more inclined towards customer satisfaction. It makes every possible way to understand the businesses of its clients, their strengths and weaknesses, so that it becomes easier for Magma to mitigate issues that its clients face in general and overcome those with ease. Even using Magma 5 in all collaboration phases, Magma makes it easier to achieve all customer requirements that automatically help the company to maintain a good relationship and reliability among its clients. However, Magma’s incredible software support to its clients enhances its experience and efficiency. The company operates from different corners of the world including the USA, Czech Republic, Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, China, Korea and India. Even the company is partnered with more than thirty qualified partners who represent Magma across the globe. This sound partnership policy, supporting its clients with high-end technology and expertise knowledge helped magma to flourish in its past years. Moreover, the company has a workforce of almost two hundred employees in the areas of development, sales & marketing and administration whose dedication and hard work are the key reasons for Magma’s success and will remain the same for years to come.