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10 Most Promising Finance Technology Solution Providers

Aptiture: Innovative Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

The end of the 20th century coincided with the emergence and eventual expansion of technological innovation in the field of finance. The constant evolution of global businesses built on trend setting software, play a significant part in building both flexible and personalized solutions for customers. This innovativeness in finance has permeated into disparate vertices and sectors, and benefits extracted from these have been critical in mobilizing monetary funds through diverse channels efficiently and securely. And one of the companies, helping strengthen the FinTech industry is Aptiture, the Australian based company.

The start of the new millennium witnessed whole some changes in numerous sectors, and FinTech was one of the millennial protégé that saw the founding and the rise of Aptiture. Carl Andersson and John Gamble, Founders, Aptiture, who ran separate IT consulting businesses joined forces to set up the company bringing their clients, specific expertise and IP to the fore. Established in 2002, the company has successfully been able to gather momentum and has grown to become a preferred supplier to companies from all sectors within the Australian financial services industry.

Aptiture’s range of solutions is diversified industry-specifically viz., Insurance, Finance and Wealth management. Its solutions for the Insurance sector include – Broker & Quote management, Policy management, Claims management, Systems integrations, Customer self-service, Document management, CRM solutions. The firm has been building customized solutions for lenders, aggregators and intermediaries in the Finance sector which include – Credit evaluation, Risk assessment, Chattel mortgages, Accounting ledgers, Asset finance, Workflows for Application processing, Payday lendings and many more. Services for the Wealth management sector consist of tailored solutions for fund managers, security traders, financial planners and dealer groups; the solutions doled out include – Fund & portfolio management, Investment management, Revenue management, Financial calculators, Trading systems, and Statement of Advice.
Their significant depth of experience assures them with a broad range of capabilities which will support their client’s vision, provide better accountability, and draw better value and therefore results. Those capabilities consist of Product development & Innovation, Agile software development, Application life cycle management, IT infrastructure solutions, and Digital marketing.

The Company aims to transform the financial services industry and deliver FinTech at the client’s doorstep ensuing a swift ride for business, not to mention the solid value for money

With a team of business analysts, consultants, account managers and marketers, the firm is highly skilled at project integration and provides much needed robustness and reliability, with its hardware and software services. Additionally following up on services, the firm engages in marketing, value proposition and workflow integration with existing processes.

The Melbourne-based company has gained plenty of clients through its committed approach towards digital innovation and passion towards problem-solving. Aptiture’s clientele include some of the leading finance entities like Medibank, MLC, Aon, Marsh, Interlease, and Findex group. In the coming years the company aims to transform the financial services industry and deliver FinTech at the client’s doorstep ensuing a swift ride for business, not to mention the solid value for money. The firm’s vision is to be known as a market leader in providing innovative, scalable on-line solutions to the insurance, wealth and finance sectors.