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10 Most Promising Finance Technology Solution Providers

Kingdee: Intelligent ERP Solutions for SMEs

The world of technology has witnessed innumerable innovations in the last decade and still continues to, with IT companies coming up with newest possible inventions for enterprises. While a large segment of businesses globally started automating their systems and operations long back, it took them some time to completely move to Cloud and adopt systems like ERP that don’t just ensure streamlined operations but also reduce redundant data entry and processes. While large businesses were the first ones to adopt these technological advancements, the SMEs needed time and external support to move to Cloud. That’s where Kingdee International Software Group came as an aide. Kingdee brought along an array of cloud management products and services for small and medium enterprises.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Kingdee offers competitive ERP and Cloud Management solutions to improve and streamline business workflows and operations to further ensure increased efficiency. The company categorises its services in business, industry or product segments. Among its business solutions, the company counts Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Mobile, E-commerce, CRM along with Group Finance and Financial Accounting services. The company’s industry based solutions are aimed at assisting Finance, Retail, Real Estate along with other sectors. Further, in its products, the company has EAS-Group Enterprise ERP, K / 3 Cloud Multi-Organizational Collaborative ERP, KIS International Edition – small micro enterprise accounting system.

Finance remains a major industry for Kingdee to which it extends numerous advanced Cloud and ERP solutions. It brings a financial shared services platform, which allows in-depth integration of financial systems and business and helps enhancing the ability to create value. The company also offers ERP centralized accounting management solution which is based on the group's unified accounting system and complies with the international accounting standards, enterprise accounting methods, and other key elements.
Kingdee has also developed a platform for financial service sharing, which supports group enterprises for centralized accounting control, financial sharing, management merger, financial budgeting and a lot more.

Kingdee is committed to be a leading cloud service provider with the mission of data-driven success

Kingdee is committed to be a leading cloud service provider with the mission of data-driven success and the vision of being the most reliable large data service company. And working towards the same, the company hasn’t just advance its technical expertise to match the growing market requirements but has also adhered to the service concept of customer first, small, beautiful and fast. Abiding by it vision and values, the company has come a long way since its inception in 1991. In its journey of over two decades, the company has achieved numerous remarkable milestones along with some great recognition that speak much for its excellence. Kingdee’s most recent achievements include the championship of the TOP 10 of China Health Industry Internet Innovation Value in 2014, “Most Influential Brand of 2014” and “Best Online Financial Service Platform Award” in 2013. The company has also been cited as the champion in the SME market of China by market share for 10 consecutive years. In 2015, the company initiated strategic partnerships with King, Amazon, and JD expanding its extensive partner network. With over 2000 business partners, the company has delivered cloud management products and services to more than 4 million enterprises and government organizations.