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10 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers

BroadLearning: Integration, Expansibility, and Continuity in Transforming Education Environment

Charles Y. Y Cheng, Founder

Digital revolution has triggered notable changes in how we access, consume, discuss, and share content. Today, the education industry has also embraced these changes as it accelerates educational productivity by adopting different educational technologies. Although technologies help faculties and students to be more resilient and productive, the major obstacle for technology adoption in education is whether the technology is useful and usable to the clients, as teachers and students have distinctively different needs which are often neglected by developers. To address these challenges, Charles Y. Y. Cheng founded BroadLearning in 2001 in Hong Kong. Right from the inception, the company has been engaged in the design and development of online learning solutions, and has been propagating the effective use of technology to educational institutions, government agencies, and to corporations in APAC.

Comprehending the ever-changing trends and shifting paradigms in technology and education, BroadLearning provides solutions catering a myriad of education approaches such as Blended Learning, Flipped Learning, Mobile learning, Interactive Learning and Self-access Learning. “Over the years, we have helped clients implement new models of education, foster more interaction and make use of technology as an enabler. We are committed to making learning happen, and our development and implementation adopt an organic approach in which we analyse, acknowledge, and address the organisational need of our clients,” says Charles Y. Y. Cheng, CEO, BroadLearning.

BroadLearning re-engineers the learning space of clients and provides solutions with high modularity, flexibility, integratedness and scalability. BroadLearning’s solutions can greatly reduce the complexity and workload, as well as enhance the value and outcome of teaching and learning. The company’s flagship product, eClass, aims at providing a centralised and effective platform for all members of the schools and corporate.
With a well-structured user-management system, administrators, teachers, students and even parents can gain access to their designated information, perform different duties, deliver lessons, and enjoy learning. Additionally, BroadLearning provides consultancy services and professional training to support successful implementation of eClass solutions, as well as gather feedback to enhance its research and development progress. In short, eClass has expanded the learning space and helped its clients go beyond spatial and time constraints.

BroadLearning’s solutions can greatly reduce the complexity and work load, as well as enhance the value and outcome of teaching and learning

Other notable products of BroadLearning include Power Lesson, an interactive classroom solution, which empowers teachers to be more creative and resourceful in designing and delivering lessons, and facilitates the adoption of different approaches such as Flipped Classroom for improving educational outcomes. To be aligned with the ongoing trend of cloud hosting and mobile apps, BroadLearning has been working on transferring its modules and services onto the cloud and extending its eClass platform to mobile devices, allowing users to manage their school duties through eClass apps. “We believe these will be beneficial to the education sector by lightening the workload of managing servers and hardware, as well as speeding up the service adoption of our clients,” concludes Charles.