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Inchone: Creating Simplified E-learning Experiences

Dr. Ong Kim Kiat ,Chairman

E-learning being one of the channels of the new age learning has propelled people around the world to access knowledge, high quality education and training at a very low cost. Today, e-learning is not only opted by students, but also by organizations to carry out training for their workforce. Dr. Ong Kim Kiat witnessed the wide acceptance of e-learning as an innovative tool for learning and incorporated Inchone, an online learning and training systems provider in 2000. The company recognizes the learning and training needs of its clients and creates quality e-learning systems and content delivery platforms to address them.

With significant experience and expertise in learning, software and product development, Inchone offers a comprehensive portfolio of Consultancy, Content Development and Content Distribution services for its clients to meet their ever changing needs for a variety of learning and training solutions. And while delivering these services, the company ensures to incorporate the i3 (Intuitive, Innovative and Intelligent) design principle consistently. The company also adheres to these design principles in its wide range of products to assist organizations, universities, colleges and schools achieve online delivery of learning and training. Inchone brings a pool of learning technogies and solutions for its clients to simplify their learning process. Some of its effective learning solutions are Inchone i3Corporate, Inchone i3Campus, Inchone i3Waves, Inchone i3 Assessment, and Inchone i3 VTMS. Being the company’s flagship product, i3 Corporate has the capability of delivering LSAPD's learning content to its vendors through out the Asia Pacific region and has administration features such as course ware mapping, enrolment management, assessment creation and automated reminders. Inchone also delivers SharePoint Technologies and Web Portals like Inchone i3Portal, Inchone i3 DMX, Inchone i3 Auto Suite.
The company has also developed a cloud based student administration system named BlueSky, which is being used by the Singaporean Private Education Institution sector. It is one of the projects supported under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Call for Collaboration, an effort led by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

“Inchone brings a pool of learning technogies and solutions for its clients to simplify their learning process.”

Inchone provides high quality and effective learning solutions to help organizations and educational institutions leverage multi-modes of technologies for workplace and school-based learning. The company also has affiliations with renowned organisations like Singapore Education International (SEI), Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC), The Singapore Business Federation (SBF), eLearning Chapter, SITF, and SNEF. At present, the company is engaged in distributing eLearning content from elementK, Microsoft, Harvard Business Publishing, MIND Resources, etc. It has also acquired more than 13,000 titles in 12 languages including video and audio-only subjects. Among the company’s prestigious awards, “Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2007” recognition at the Star Award Event is a must mention. Adding feathers in its cap, Inhcone became the first and only company in Asia to be appointed by Microsoft in 2009, as a World wide Master Reseller of all its online learning products. The company has also deployed various e-learning projects in the public, private and education sectors which are accessible globally.