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10 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers

NetLearning: New Age Technology Solutions for the New Age of Education

Toru Kishida,CEO

Technology integration is no longer an add-on for the education industry, but a necessity to facilitate the learning process, improve productivity and to optimize collaborative platforms. Through the implementation and integration of education technologies in the classroom, students are increasingly becoming digitally literate and are able to gain a more interactive and dynamic learning experience. Facilitating this change in the Japanese education industry is NetLearning.

More than 33 million learners have used NetLearning services since 1998, and another remarkable figure of NetLearning is its completion rate. It marked 91.6% in 2015. NetLearning has the know-how and system to not only achieve high completion rate, but also to give satisfaction to the learners. The company provides customized e-learning services and offers different business models to help entrepreneurs meet the diverse needs of their organization. Since this pace of change has impacted the education sector in a big way, the company provides unique cloud-based/integrated Learning Management System (LMS) – Multiverse that has many functions such as authoring original e-learning courses, distributing courses widely, and providing learning support with care. Through this platform, enterprises and educational institutions obtain direct benefits including one screen for different functions, Net Live Lesson, HTML5 based movie player to collect viewing history, and many more. With its ability to create customized e-learning services for both enterprises and educational institutions, the company has served more than 4,500 schools and companies in Japan. As a company that creates courses from the learner’s point of view, NetLearning helps enterprises and educational institutions to carry out new form of learning approach that improves education outcomes and productivity. “We have had the track record and know-how of creating more than 54,700 original courses for numerous fields. We provide the e-learning services that learners won’t stop, but complete and give them the best results,” says Toru Kishida CEO, NetLearning.

Perceiving the potential of e-learning to change the education in a fundamental way, the company provides top-notch e-learning experiences in which learners can complete all the training with the technical support backed by NetLeaning staffs. In addition, over this period of time, NetLearning has achieved several milestones including expansion of business domain, changes of devices in use, overseas expansion in full scale, and introduction of e-learning to educational institutions.
In order to support clients’ human development strategy, NetLearning provides e-learning services that enable companies to train their employees according to the objectives of the organization. For instance, Phoenix Consulting – one of the group companies of Net-Learning optimizes Multiverse® platform for improving the effectiveness of workforce and adherence to quality standards. Today, many institutions and high profile companies have adopted NetLearning’s services for personalized learning, and to optimize authentic learning experience.

As a company that creates courses from learner’s point of view, NetLearning helps educational institutions and enterprises to carry out new form of learning approach that improves education outcomes and productivity.

The company’s clients include Accenture, Aeon Co., Ltd., NTT group, Canon Inc, Microsoft Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, Tokyo Denki University, Waseda University, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Coca – Cola (Japan), and many more. The company has also been recognized for their contributions in the education sector and has bagged several awards in six consecutive years: ASPIC Cloud IoT Award, 2011 Special Award Committee, 2012 Special Award Chairman, 2012 Multiverse - e-learning Cloud category, 2013 KANTAN e-learning – Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Award, 2013 Special Award ASPIC Chairman, 2014, 2015 Enterprise System Grand Prix, 2016 Grand Prix in ASP/SaaS. “We believe that standardize learning history by Caliper Analytics and application of Big Data will change education, learning, and training even further. It will be able to predict and provide the best learning contents to each learner by the combination of these two,” concludes Toru.