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AWPL: Amalgamating Technology and Financial Solutions

Economies around the globe have been witnessing a major paradigm shift over the past few decades. And, the financial industry is the one which is solely responsible for all these. The financial sector, being considered as one of the most disruptive industry, has sporadically evolved with the intervention of technology within their processes.

Consequently, there has been a sudden influx of new investments, adaptations and modifications in the financial services domain which has further opened up new doors for entrepreneurs to experiment with newer technology and solutions. Viraf Sutaria realized the needs of the industry and thus incorporated Automated Workflow Private Limited (AWPL) in 1996 to provide specialized consulting services and solutions to the financial services industry, primarily focused towards the insurance and banking sector. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company was the only player in the Indian market then providing ECM and BPM solutions.

AWPL has successfully been offering a whole gamut of services facilitating faster execution and tracking of business processes. Out of their numerous products and solutions some of the company’s flagship products are: Dotsphere Case Manager, Dotsphere Casepedia, Pencil Suite and AntHill. Viraf Sutaria, CEO, AWPL pitches in, “The ethos at AWPL has always been customer centric and hence our products and solutions are flexible and geared towards specific customer needs.” Realizing the key pain points of the clients and by introducing trendsetting products that provide unmatched customer experience, AWPL has gained the status of being specialist domain experts. The company’s deep domain expertise has been extended towards digitization, thereby bridging the heritage ECM and BPM solutions with new technologies such as mobility, analytics and data.

AWPL primarily focuses on three major aspects of digital transformation, namely,data, people and process

With the evolution in the financial market and increase in competition, AWPL has also remolded itself towards being more of a specialist and innovative solutions provider. Though it was initiated with the goal to transform how people work, AWPL has slowly switched towards “Transforming the Way Business Works”.
AWPL, while designing its out-of the-box products and solutions primarily focuses on three major aspects of digital transformation, namely, data, people and process.

The company has a strong hold on the financial technology and services market owing to its partnerships with esteemed brands which were later acquired by the IT solution giant IBM. Now AWPL flaunts itself as a celebrated brand partnering with major technology tycoons such as IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and CSC among others. The company has effectively retained all of its clients over the past two decades and has been benefitting the financial services companies with innovative software solutions that fuel business acceleration. Their clientele includes some of the top notch financial institutions and banks such as Standard Bank, FWD, Aviva, Prudential and many more.

AWPL has made a strong foothold on foreign lands like Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand; that also include Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The company’s efficacious solutions and successful business models has fetched them awards as well as recognitions from the prestigious bodies such as Gartner.

Being an established player in South East Asia, AWPL is expanding ambitiously in prospective markets like Africa, with Europe next in line. “We plan to triple our revenue over the next four years. Sixty percent of those revenues will be from the new technological advances in the digital space,” says Viraf as his concluding note. With its strong technology and innovative initiatives, AWPL plans to grow constantly with the same vision of excellence in the years to come.