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Linedata: Next Gen Asset Management Services

Professional asset management has been one of the most profitable businesses in the world even though the market dynamics and landscape are evolving. Any company involved in the industry needs to adopt the latest trends and provide customer satisfying services to stay in a commanding position in the highly competitive market. Fulfilling these criteria, Linedata, a global solutions provider dedicated to the Investment Management and the Credit community was incorporated in 1998. The organization’s aim is to serve clients with superior financial services with the aid of appropriate technology.

Headquartered in Paris, Linedata has been operational in the market for 17 years as an independent organization and has been providing end-to-end advanced technological services to buy-side professionals in the asset-management industry. Linedata operates across 50 countries with 16 offices located in France, UK, US, India, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Morocco, Latvia, Canada and Spain. Among these 16 offices, Linedata has been operational in Asia for the past 10 years with the Hong Kong office as its major asset. The Hong Kong office holds a major value for the company since it helps the company adapt to the regulatory requirements and is also the core of the company’s growth strategy since it enables the company to spread out through Asia and beyond.

The company offers core financial solutions in Wealth Management, Alternative and Institutional Investment, Employee Savings, Personal Insurance, Lending and Leasing, Software as a service and a wide range of services required by buy-side organizations. The company’s go-to services include Implementation Services, Hosting and SAAS, Training Services, Client support, Professional Services and Buy-side Managed services.

Linedata’s Buy side managed services is sophisticated enough in serving 450 buy side professionals regularly and this solution has been successful in managing global assets worth $2.5 Trillion. “Our service reliability has earned us 10 of the top 30 asset management companies from round the globe,” says Sally Crane, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Linedata.

Comprehending the market needs, Linedata’s range of services is based on the cutting-edge market trends in the Financial Technology industry. The company helps its customers with improved financial services by merging them with digital media such as mobiles and tablets. “Digitalization is a major trend. Today’s highly competitive environment has pushed for the digitalization of financial services players’ value chain to offer customers a distinctive experience,” says Sally.
Being client-oriented, Linedata upholds customer satisfaction as one of their utmost priority. The organization has been successful in satisfying its clients’ requirements with user-friendly customer interface.Having satisfied financial
customers, a number as huge as 63,000, Linedata has become unbeaten in the global Asset Management industry. “The financial services industry has evolved towards multichannel and they need a 100 percent smooth user experience. To differentiate themselves, many of today’s most effective managers focus their efforts on enhanced customer experience.”

Linedata’s Buy side managed services is sophisticated enough in serving 450 buy side professionals regularly and this solution has been successful in managing global assets worth $2.5 Trillion

The company has earned invaluable expertise; experience and reputation that has earned Linedata prestigious awards and titles from independent industry experts namely "Best Portfolio Management Software Provider" (HFMWeek, 2015), "Best Portfolio Management System" (HFMWeek, 2014), “Best Integrated Front Office Platform” (Asia Asset Management, 2013), “Best Portfolio Management Service Provider” (HFMWeek, 2013), “Best Technology Firm-Client Service” (HFMWeek, 2013). With a profile so strong, Linedata is marching towards a brighter future.