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10 Most Promising POS Solution Providers

Bepoz: At the Forefront of Developing Hospitality and Retail POS Systems

Roland Voltz, Director

According to a new study by IHL Group, a US based global research and advisory firm, 66 percent of enterprise retailers are already seeking mPOS solutions and the remaining merchandisers are planning to make a new POS decision by mid-2017. The retail industry’s move from cash to digital transaction is not surprising or sudden. With convenience and flexibility of sale at stake, it is easy to see why the retail industry is keen to go digital. And consequently there are abundant POS companies waiting in line to make a mark in this digital age. But one firm which stands out is Bepoz, the 40 year old Australian firm which has grown immensely over the years and is a behemoth in itself in the development of hospitality and retail point of sale systems and solutions.

Bepoz has been in the business of POS from the past 40 years, ever since computerized cash registers were introduced. And it continues to evolve and innovate in the Point of Sale technology and offers endless solutions to suit the needs of the customers.With its world-class, powerful yet scalable and affordable solutions, Bepoz has redefined the ways of the Point of Sale industry. The firm which has seen many technological advances primarily in the software sector with the rise of IT, it has inculcated it into the POS systems they provide, combining with their deep understanding of the industry. This has meant the Start-ups and SMEs too have been able to access the latest POS technology at hand. In addition to delivering real time updates, data gathering and business management tools Bepoz helps businesses connect with their customers.

With an exhaustive array of functionalities and services at their disposal, Bepoz has scaled the POS peak in every vertical entered and successfully maintained high standards for emulation. For example, Bars & Night clubs, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Café & bakeries, Franchises, Multi-venue where their high comprehension levels of the market requirements and customer leanings have aided them impeccably.
Bepoz has consolidated all aspects of the operational dimensions of all the above verticals and integrated different front office and back office solutions for better presentation, which has resulted in better control. Displaying features like Real-time stock control and automated scheduling of happy hours for pubs & night clubs, simple bill splitting & table management tools, centralized franchise and multi-venue management tools.

With an exhaustive array of functionalities and services at their disposal, Bepoz has scaled the POS peak in every vertical entered and successfully maintained high standards for emulation

Along with tools to aid restaurants, clubs and franchise avenues, Bepoz develops products for security and ease of business. CCTV, Digital signage, Paging, are few of the products designed to optimize staff efficiency and guest satisfaction. Bepoz offers dynamic POS software and hardware solutions with greater customizable abilities for rich user friendly experience. Software provided include – Front & Back office solutions, Reporting systems, Raffles, Marketing promotions, Membership & Loyalty rewards, Cash control, Analytics, Property management etc. it also deploys reliable and robust hardware systems like POS Tablets, Pads, Advertising screen for better centralized management.

Over the years, due to their diligence and passion towards perfecting the art of producing innovative and adaptable POS systems, Bepoz has gained numerous clients such as Pendolino Ristorante e Caffe, Coogee Bay Hotel, The Mill, Casablanca Sydney, Moorebank sports club and INS Hotel group among others.