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C.N.W. Corporation: Addressing Growing IT Needs Of Tourist Attraction Businesses

Kavin Chinawong, MD

Similar to several other industries, theme park and water park businesses have experienced rapid growth, success and popularity owing to Information Technology (IT) which brings in flexibility in business operations, and increases appetite for experimentation. Contributing as the operating and management system for these tourist attraction businesses, IT helps them in increasing and balancing their sales capacity. In order to enable client facing businesses to respond to the needs of its customers, particularly those that run 24-7 service businesses, C.N.W. Corporation Co., Ltd. came into being. “We started our IT division in 2002, focusing primarily on consultancy and technology designs for projects that require maximum precision, security, integrity, and accountability,” says Kavin Chinawong, MD, C.N.W. Corporation.

The organization forayed into providing IT services for the hospitality sectors for company's ancillary businesses including point of sale, property management, document management and security systems in 2010. Later, these services were upgraded in order to co-work with the RFID system and to facilitate its customers as well as to support business expansion. C.N.W. Corporation is now focusing more on the extensive work of developing Theme park and Water Park businesses by integrating RFID and Barcode technologies. These technologies help in understanding the extremity of POS and balance the entry and exit doors in an automatic manner. It also administers agency management, electronic cash management, finance and accounting integration of the sector. Kavin further elaborates, "For tourist attraction and theme park businesses, the POS system does not only support general sales of goods, but also manages travel agent, booking and reservation, access control, electronic cash payment and integration to other systems." Additionally C.N.W. Corporation also designs and provides installation of IT infrastructure, telecommunication, and security services. It develops automatic video and photographing program called FotoConnect; the electronic lockers called LockerTechnica; traffic lights control system with special light and sound effects for water slides called SensoTechnik.
The company adopts a holistic approach to enhance its software and firmware systems.“Our POS products are flexible and able to support the various marketing promotions and campaigns. It also has more than 50 built-in reports which customers can use for analyzing their business performance,” Kavin adds. The company’s extensive knowledge and experience allows it to contribute sound business analysis, consulting and online marketing services for its customers. The company renders its services to various theme parks and water parks such as Cartoon Network Amazon Water Park, zoos, libraries and museums falling under the government and private sectors.

“POS system does not only support general sales of goods, but also manages travel agent, booking and reservation, access control, electronic cash payment and integration to other systems”

The growing number of tourist attraction businesses in Thailand is raising the level of competition and making the owners re-strategise their marketing strategies to maintain their market share by implementing suitable promotional strategies and participating in co-marketing campaigns with their partners."Our aspiration is to design and make new innovations to respond to the growing demands for theme park and water park businesses and tourist attractions, which is both our strength and key-differentiator." The company has applied Augmented Reality technology for sales and entertainment businesses and plans to work on other interesting projects in the near future.