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Foresiight: Highly Customizable POS and ERP Software

Manny Gill, MD & CEO

Trending with the new generation methodologies, businesses are significantly experimenting with different approaches and selling strategies to compete and sustain market-place longevity. More importantly, progressing with innovative selling schemes; business owners are looking for innovative software and technical solutions to ensure they have the correct tools in place to allow them to strive in their industry.. Since every organization has its own unique sales strategy, their requirements and expectations from a software solution also need to be unique and tailored. It differs from time to time, sector to sector depending upon a company's nature of work and its business prospective. Meeting the industry’s need for customized solutions is Foresiight. The company is focused on rendering Point of Sale (POS), accounting and stock control solutions through its flagship products ProfiitPlus and Alchemii. Originally founded in 1981, the company was acquired by Manny Gill in 2012, who brought to the table his extensive experience of having worked with numerous POS and ERP software packages. Also leading the team is Dave Adams, COO, who also has a deep understanding about the issues faced by businesses with the wrong systems in place and the importance of having a customizable system that works for their specific requirements.

Foresiight addresses the needs of the market through ProfiitPlus, a POS and ERP system that effectively manages various businesses starting from general retail stores, landscape yards, mechanics, tool & hardware stores, paint stores, importers, manufacturers, etc. “each of these businesses has industry-specific configurable options which help them to meet their exact needs,” elaborates Manny. The company’s other product, Alchemii has evolved from the ProfiitPlus suite of products with some additional pharmacy-specific interfaces. It handles the purchasing and dispensing of pharmaceutical products and allows pharmacies to imply additional focus on the retail, marketing and stock management aspects of their businesses.
The latest addition to the company’s list of products is Liinc, a Group Management Tool that operates with both ProfiitPlus and Alchemii software suite in a state-of-the-art cloud hosted web environment on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Foresiight mainly works on Point of Sale (POS), accounting and stock control software by implementing its flagship products, Alchemii and ProfiitPlus

Since every business has its own way of selling, they should have the option to choose what suits them best. This is why ProfiitPlus and Alchemii have four different options for POS; Sales Orders & Invoicing, CRM, Cash Register and PosMate. This approach enables the development team to work on process with each client and a level of custom development is achieved with each client. Manny further adds, “Our development strategy enables each new development to be a ‘customizable option’ that may be used with other customers and as a result we now have more than thirty years of customizable options to tailor a solution to our clients.” With a keen focus on being customer orientated, Foresiight understands when customers get stuck, when a trade can get halted and often a resolution is required immediately. This gives confidence and strength to the customers along with a feeling that they are not alone if some thing goes wrong.

The organization was recently approached by an international government to provide its POS and ERP software to large organisations within the South East Asian region. “Governments are looking for ways to counter the growing counterfeit software issue in the region and we are exploring this option,” Manny concludes.