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Megasafe Technologies: Mega Leap towards Next-Generation POS

Denny Wong, Director

POS systems are as diverse as the businesses they serve. A suitable POS not only enhances the efficiency of the operation but it also assists with significant cost cuttings and productive decision making. Traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems are becoming a thing of the past. Basic cash registers and stationary credit card readers still serve their purpose, but POS systems as a whole are shifting toward more-advanced capabilities that give merchants greater flexibility, control and business intelligence than ever before. Blending with this transformative shift and embracing the technological disruption within POS sector, Megasafe Technologies Pte. Ltd. (MegaPOS)stepped into the market. Established in 2005,MegaPOS began its journey in Singapore with a sole focus to help businesses reinforce their productivity, manage their revenue and regulate their operations. Today, MegaPOS leads the Singapore market preceding its reputation as one of the most prominent POS systems in the region, catering to a wide range of businesses including FNB, Retail, Wellness (Spa and Salons), and other businesses that have cashiering requirements.

Being a specialist in POS systems, MegaPOS solutions are tailored to fit the operational models of its client's business. The solutions are specifically designed to manage the revenue and customer data, which have been remarkable in their service within the Food & Beverages and other Hospitality industries. The later provides a complete package solution so that the customers can run their business operation with ease and improve better sales performance. MegaPOS incorporates a specialized range of POS products to better suit the requirement of its clients aligning with the digital age. The MegaPOS IPAD Ordering Solution is easy to handle and implement. The user friendly interface equipped with photos is suitable for small & large scale F&B outlets offering direct integration with the client's POS system without extra customization. It helps in saving man power and improves productivity in the long run.
The HP RP2 Retail POS System with the compact design contains an easily service able touch-screen All-in-One (AiO) that is deploy able across the client’s business as a customer self-service solution or operator station. As an organizational body, MegaPOS is managed by a diverse team with specializations in IT knowledge and skills. They share a common goal to assist their customers with their retail POS requirements. The company strives to provide a complete range of services while deploying the POS system from IT consultancy, software training to technical assistance. With an array of professionals and their extended knowledge and skills at service, the company offers tailor-made POS excellence, with a potential of enabling greater benefits to the customers.

Being a specialist in POS systems, MegaPOS solutions are tailored to fit the operational models of its client’s business

MegaPOS envisions to deliver a reliable POS system implementation with a clear understanding of the customer’s business requisites combined with effective planning, design, analysis, development and deployment. The company invests highly on providing in-depth training programs over one-on-one basis to its customer’s staff, educating them with the intricate functionalities of POS devices. This significantly reduces the risks during the initial operations after installation. MegaPOS also extends quality technical support and customer service for the POS system. The POS solutions provided by MegaPOS are all customer centric. The company takes care of all the POS related engagements of its customers providing them with ample time and resources to focus on their strategic business advancements.