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WizBang Technologies: The Pioneers in Wireless Mobile Ordering -Hospitality POS

John Hansen, Group CEO/CTO/ Founder

The hospitality industry has significantly transformed in the past couple of decades. Guests and customers have become more accustomed to personalized services. These services have grown smoother and more efficient over time through integrated customer data and faster payment systems eliminating the laborious processes of the past. The idea to create this degree of perfection in the Hospitality Point of Sales marked the foundation of WizBang Technologies. Established in 1997, WizBang constitutes a collaboration project of John Hansen and his daughter Amanda to create a hospitality Point of Sales system, encompassing wireless hand held technology. The complete hospitality working prototype developed by the duo was put on field testing over several locations in New Zealand. As the product picked up the demand rates in the region, WizBang Technologies stepped into the industry delivering the first-of its-kind Onetap POS system incorporating wireless mobile ordering units.

Today, WizBang has flourished to become a group of companies. WizBang Technologies is the parent company of the WizBang family and the software developer. NZ POS Systems and WizBang Technologies Australia are the onetap distributors in New Zealand and Australia, where as the partly owned WizBang Tecnologia do Brasil is the Brazilian distributor. With its presence in Auckland, Christ church and Melbourne, plus distribution channels in Brazil, Ireland and the UK, the company is now able to cater to a growing number of territories with very large population centers.

WizBang’s Onetap hospitality POS system is a reliable software POS platform which has been designed and built specifically for handling hospitality functions, for the hospitality industry. Onetap is highly flexible with multiple configuration options available to address any special requirements the clients may have such as accounting interfaces, loyalty programs, combos, online ordering or handheld ordering pads. Onetap is capable of accurate and efficient customer data segregation and evaluation incorporating robust and flexible hospitality point of sale system, which frees the customer from a lot of time consumption - whilst delivering profitable results in a cost effective manner.
The software is easy to operate equipped with intuitive touch screens. This makes it easy for the organization to spend less on staff training and administration, and more on inculcating business productive ideas. Entering orders is designed to be quick and efficient where orders are sent straight to either a printer or display at the barista, bar or kitchen while at the same time transaction details, sales records, tenders, loyalty points, charge accounts, and inventory are all automatically updated. Presently, Onetap is used by a wide range of businesses around the world ranging from cafes, restaurants, bars and fast food through to franchises, hotels, resorts, airports and stadiums.

Onetap is capable of accurate and efficient customer data segregation and evaluation incorporating robust and flexible hospitality point of sale system SOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2016 POS10 John Hansen, Founder

WizBang has been exceptional in its quest to lead the hospitality industry to the peak. The company has made a niche market for itself and enjoys a stature of standard influence in the POS market. With over 17 years of vast experience in the industry, WizBang stands out as a reliable partner for a major part of the hospitality domain in New Zealand and Australia. With the fast pace of transforming technological landscape, the company continues to evolve and embrace every bit of disruptive trends and models. The company plans to advance into the future in line with its vision of making a tangible difference to its client’s success by conceiving of and delivering exciting products that enhance efficiency, decision making and performance.