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Top 10 Travel & Hospitality Companies - 2017

PT. RealtaChakradarma: A 360-Degree Solution for the Hospitality Industry

G. Hidayat Tjokrodjojo, Chairman

Back in 1973, when G. Hidayat Tjokrodjojo started working with computers, he realised the importance of ensuring synergy between the hardware and the software of a system. What followed was the idea of ‘ONE Solution’, which formed the base for PT. Realta Chakradarma to offer comprehensive business solutions. Built on the value of providing Peace of Mind, the company provides both hardware and software solutions along with their implementation and maintenance services. The decision to focus on IT services was initiated on their firm belief that ‘IT is essential to every business for operational excellence’.

Out of their various business solutions, Rhapsody, initially known as R-hotel-S deals with the hospitality business serving the Total Functionality needs of the industry.Powered with ONE Solution, the solution uses predictive analytics to offer business intelligence to their customers. It is an initiative towards the evolution of the segment with technology. Rhapsody is a fully integrated system, serving various hospitality business models and bridging the gap between reduced staffing and intense workload. “Our system covers the whole concept of the hotel industry from informing the customers about what is happening in the hotel and also the backend work. It is all about what is required to operate a hotel and then some more,” says Tjokrodjojo, Chairman of PT. RealtaChakradarma.

Catering to chain of hotels and independent hotels, the solution reduces operational complexity and lowers the Total cost of Ownership. Rhapsody’s 24/7 support captures, processes and analyses data and transactions in real time environment to help the management coordinate with the entire hotel operations.
Over the years, associating with some of the leaders in the industry, the company has developed some advanced features for Rhapsody to serve each customer's needs. RICE (Rhapsody Interactive Customer Experience), Mobile Ordering System, Channel Distribution Connectivity, i-Reserve Internet Booking Engine, Executive Reporting, and various other hospitality features forms a few of them. The latest Mobile Check-In feature adds on to the contentment of their client’s guests. The mobile-based feature updates the guests on the availability of their requirements in a faster and more convenient way.

Built on the value of providing Peace of Mind, PT. RealtaChakradarma provides both hardware and software solutions along with their implementation and maintenance services.

Rhapsody’s unique Implementation Methodology and successful IT execution highlights the ace value of IT solution. The company’s in-depth understanding of the operational challenges in the hospitality industry offers them an exclusive position in the market. Overcoming the hurdles of introducing this new concept, the company now has more than 500 clients in Indonesia, working for the upbringing of the entire system. The company is now ready to implement their system outside Indonesia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan, broadening the coverage of their solutions.