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Top 10 Digital Technology Companies 2017

Alexander Vale: SEMCast® Digital Marketing Platform Top Global Performer

Steve Vale,Founder & CEO

Digital marketing is now the cornerstone for businesses, the question is whom do you trust to deliver solid ROI? “APAC businesses are frustrated, confused and disillusioned, we were shocked that digital marketing agencies get away with such mediocre results,” says Founder and CEO Steve Vale.

Determined to create a unique, transparent, easy to understand, yet powerful alternative, lead to Steve, and Co-founder and CCO Dean Alexander, to combine their extensive skill sets and experience with in the New Zealand and Australian digital marketing industries to launch Alexander Vale.

The SEMCast® Platform is the foundation on which their client’s success is built. “Most businesses and agencies manage their online marketing campaigns manually, limiting the results they get” comments Steve. “Even when some agencies add automation, rarely is it like what SEMCast® is capable of,” adds Dean. It’s a complete solution, automating many of the manual processes the team have tested and proven to work for successful campaigns. Along with data collection and tracking, allows for real time budget allocation via KPI driven algorithms with almost instantaneous micro adjustments.

The Auckland based firm works closely with clients, from mapping business goals and growth plans with appropriate PPC and SEO strategies, through to campaign management to deliver results. The results they achieve for clients speak volumes for their passion to make a difference and help their clients grow and thrive in these changing times.

As an example, the real estate arm of PGG Wright sons significantly outperformed the global bench marks in Q3/Q4 2016 after migrating Google PPC campaigns to SEMCast®. On the same budget as their previous Google Premier Partner, average CPC reduced by 80 percent and campaigns achieved a 60 percent CTR increase, 10x the global Google AdWords industry benchmarks. Results aren’t limited to large companies.
Demonstrating the platforms’ agility, a small budget local automotive workshop was amazed with a 433 percent increase in the number of calls after migrating to the platform.

The SEMCast® Platform from Alexander Vale has a CTR over 9.8 times the global average and generates 8.8 times the global average enquiry rate

As testament to the company’s ambition and drive to deliver results, Alexander Vale has emerged as a top global performer. On average SEMCast® delivers clients 984 percent more traffic, producing 881 percent more enquiries than current global Google AdWords industry averages. And the bonus, all this while costing clients 34 percent less per enquiry.

As Dean explains, “SEMCast® is tailored specifically for APAC digital search, built to provide quantifiable returns, from SME’s to multi branch multi nationals. Every client, no matter their size, receives a full digital solution including agency level reporting ensuring the success of Alexander Vale through our client’s prosperity.”

Delivering a platform as strong as SEMCast® to the market with such drive, ambition and ethics has restored the faith of businesses in digital marketing effectiveness. Steve says, “We expect to be in the top five companies in the market”. This isn’t misplaced ambition; Alexander Vale has a proven track record to back it up and performance substantiated by clients tracking their progress. At the pace they are going, they could finish beyond the line sooner than expected.