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Moving Walls: Enabling Smart City Transformations through Precise Marketing

Srikanth Ramachandran,Executive Director

In today’s market scenario where consumers are bombarded with options and choices galore, it is about five-ten times more expensive for businesses to gain a new customer as compared to making a sale with an existing one. In order to optimize every customer interaction, precise marketing strategies have come to the fore. This technique leverages data analysis to drive insights to efficiently identify the right channels that deliver personalized, relevant, and timely content to the right target audience. Moving Walls, a new age digital marketing organization has been making great strides in rendering precise marketing solutions and enabling Smart City transformations through smart data, smart media and smart experiences. “We are a technology and data led media group with a passion to create Smart(er) cities,” says Srikanth Ramachandran, Executive Director, Moving Walls.

The past few years have witnessed a dramatic shift of the world’s population to urban areas and an increased use of smart devices. This shift has catapulted smart media into becoming the most sought after form of traditional media. Moving Walls saw an opportunity to aggregate and connect digital billboards (indoor and outdoor) across Asiato create the smart media for future smart cities. Armed with its data, media and technology proficiency, Moving Walls is powering Smart City transformations globally through its innovative solutions, namely Moving Insights, Moving Audiences and Moving Experiences.

Moving Insights is a Smart City BIG Data Platform that integrates all Geo-tagged public, private and onsite “audiences” data with predictive and cognitive algorithms. Moving Walls’ Smart Media industry solution, Moving Audiences, connects all Digital Billboards/Screens - Billboards (Indoor and Outdoor) with Mobile devices creating the Smart Media of a Smart City. The platform has already connected over 2500 Digital Screens across five ASEAN countries creating the first truly “ASEAN Media”. The company has also conceptualized a next-gen Smart Experiences solution, Moving Experiences which engages consumers using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Gamification content. The platform has helped several retailers, shopping malls, media owners and agencies to execute award-winning campaigns.
The Moving Insights platform has the capability to measure any location anywhere in the world without any additional programming or human resources. The solution can extend to enable a variety of Smart City applications beyond the current Smart Media and Smart Experiences solutions – for example Smart Retail, Smart Telco network planning, and so on.

“Moving Walls is powering Smart City transformations globally through its innovative solutions, namely Moving Insights, Moving Audiences and Moving Experiences”

The company’s diversity in innovation has earned Moving Walls 23 accolades bestowed not only by marketing awarding bodies but also by technology and regional awarding bodies. “Our collective strength is embodied by our Manifesto #NoBoundaries. Rather than pigeon hole our selves as media owners or media solution providers, we rely on our passion for innovation to create industry-changing solutions,” explains Srikanth. The heterogeneous nature of Moving Walls’ team helps the company function as a global entity. “This team inhales technology and exhales creativity, every day,” he further adds.

Moving Walls is now working to leverage the growing market for smart media and smart-city technology in the APAC region. A 2015 PwC report suggested that the OOH advertising market in ASEAN will reach $1.27 billion in 2020 with Asia-Pacific being the largest and fastest growing outdoor advertising market. Similarly, the market for smart-city technology in Asia alone will reach $1 trillion a year by 2025, according to IDC Government Insights. The company expanded its footprint in the region by beginning operations across Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. Moving Walls is gradually yet steadily working towards dominating the “Smart Media” and “Smart Experiences” of future Smart(er) Cities.