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Ospyn Technologies: The 'DEEP'ly Influential Digital Technology Players

Prasadu Varghese & Kishore Kumar, MD & CEO and Founding Director & CTO

Digital Technology has been pivotal in reshaping the modern day business culture. Organizations that have embraced digital technology now have an opportunity to make their mark in the industry, to innovate and steer company strategy into productive channels. Since adopting a digital strategy requires a considerable amount of cultural transformation, several organizations are still caught up in the traditional model of paper-based decision-making. Helping such companies take the digital plunge is Ospyn Technologies. Established in 2009, Ospyn was founded by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar with a shared aspiration to create an enterprise software which would transform the traditional paper-based model of any organization into a digital model. Together they started Ospyn with their technology platform; Digital Enablement and Experience Platform (DEEP), which was created to enable digital transformations and automation of the operational model. “So far we have enormously helped various organizations to go digital thereby enhancing their time efficiency, effort and decision making,” says Prasadu Varghese, MD & CEO, Ospyn Technologies.

Today, Ospyn Technologies is a major vendor in its incumbent market for digitizing paper-based processes and optimizing business operations with clients across multiple industries such as E-Governance, Banking, Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Citizen Services, etc. The company has started exploring uncharted territories and has conducted implementations across multiple Indian states and has a strong clientele across Asia-Pacific.

All the major industry applications offered by Ospyn are built on the DEEP platform. The platform has the capability to interact with multiple external data sources such as core banking systems, finance & accounting systems, ERP systems, E-mail exchanges, scanners, etc. to bring data into the platform. The system has the capability to correlate, synthesize and connect the disparate information together and enable users to take real time insights for informed decision making.
The company has specific solutions built on top of its DEEP platform that help its clients in multiple industries. For its e-Governance clients Ospyn has Digital Document Filing System (DDFS) to meet their file processing requirements. For Colleges and Universities, Ecoleaide optimizes their academic, admission and administrative processes. To handle employee on boarding, talent management, goal setting and off-boarding Ospyn’s Hr apps solution is used. Enterprises tethered with operation challenges use next generation Ospyn ERP to optimize their operations.

“All the major industry applications offered by Ospyn are built on the DEEP platform”

In order to ensure client success the Ospyn team makes an effort to understand the key user requirements, the usability approaches, and user expectations. The company also benefits clients through its SaaS approach towards solutions which has zero infrastructure cost and only monthly payments. These factors have significantly helped the company in attracting prestigious clients. “Our hand-holding and service support in this challenging ‘traditional to digital transformation’ by our experienced domain and product consultants is highly appreciated by all our clients, a factor placing us ahead of our competitors in the delivery and execution,” adds Prasadu.

Presently, Ospyn maintains a strong foothold as a major technology enabler in the industry and aims to further strengthen its presence in the unexplored territories of APAC. In the next five years, the company plans to acquire some major clients from European and American markets and form a strong partnership with System Integrators, Data Centre Service Providers, Government Agencies for fast tracking its entry into other markets and domains.