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Research and Tech Labs: Deriving Actionable Insights through Creative Research

With the popularity of social media on the rise, there has been an exponential rise in the amount of data being generated over. When utilised well, this data can provide a deep insight into consumer behaviour and subsequently enable stellar marketing experiences, customer centric services and other strategic business decisions. However, analysing and deriving actionable insights from the copious amounts of data requires the right tools and deep domain expertise. This is where Research and Tech Labs steps in. founded in 2013, Research and Tech Labs—popularly known as RTL—specializing in creative research for solutions and movements, gathering and analysing huge amounts of data with combination of technology, human intelligence and non tools based platform, and offering actionable insights for its clients coming from various industries such as telecommunication, food processing, airlines, government organizations and many more.

Jomar Aunario, Head of Operations, RTL explains, “As social media evolves, we constantly innovate in our approach to process huge amounts of data and connecting them to the growing needs of our clients.”The company primarily helps organizations transform complicated data into actionable items. It thrives on customizing solution to client’s need, a trait that sets it apart from other competitors in the industry. In this industry where there are no canons yet for digital-based creative research, we are continuously trailblazing and creating our own processes guided by the following key principles:

•Tested, relevant, and applicable traditional research principles
•RTL’s grasp of how things are moving about the digital space
•Collaborations and co-learning with our clients and other industry experts

RTL’s creative research service provides clients daily, weekly and monthly reports of various types. Reports include consumer experience score in a particular industry, brands promotion effectiveness, and comparative analysis of competitor’s brand knowledge.
This know-how helps clients to adapt their businesses to the changing landscape. Besides, the company offers subscription based product ‘PoliticKs App’, which identifies real-time political issues and the nation’s pulse. A research backed product, PoliticKs can be either downloaded on mobile or desktop, and used to receive actionable data by both public and private sector organizations.

Most of the data floating around on the social media is human generated and portrays true human emotions. So, when RTL’s advanced software algorithms analyse this data, they place importance on detecting human traits to identify the pulse. For clients who want to run localized campaign and need to design marketing communication strategies, the company conducts localized research, targeting subjects from specific markets and problem domains. Such controlled research provides data for effective communication and brand positioning. “We are akin to storytellers for our clients; and these stories are derived from their data,” states Jomar.

Social media is an open forum for consumers to speak openly. In wake of a negative story regarding a brand going viral, RTL analyses the situation and guides its client on the further course of action, by offering quality solution in time and cost optimized manner. It provides ‘go’ or ‘no go’ references for counter crisis decision making. This Philippines based RTL also profiles online customers to get a better understanding of the consumer sentiments and uses it to design effective marketing strategies.

As digital trends keep evolving, RTL provides comprehensive training to its resources to keep up with emerging trends. This know-how helps RTL’s clients to stay abreast of the upcoming trends. In its journey ahead, it plans to advance organizations collective intelligence, empower intelligent collaborative, and enhance socially active individuals. Fostering a flexible and creative culture in the company, RTL holds a strong position in this domain.