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Shopper Media: Better Business Outcomes through Customized Wi-Fi Analytics Platforms

Ben Walker,CEO and Founder

With the advent of digital technology in the advertising arena, organizations are able to constantly examine what their customers’ needs are, seeing, how personalization of services helps them drive better revenue, and competitive advantage. In fact, Garner predicts that lack of digital business competence could cause 25 percent businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017. While digital advertising culture is amiable, commercialization in the current business landscape, personnel marketing efforts that are highly practiced in digital advertising often fail to address customers’ specific requirements, leading to filtration of advertisements that appear on their digital devices. This is where Shopper Media Group comes in.

By demonstrating its capabilities in providing customized digital media solutions, Ben Walker with his team of experts forayed into the advertising sector in 2015 with its Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media business. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Shopper Media Group delivers digital media solutions to over 150 shopping centres across Australia. Since shopping centres are becoming the centre of communities to congregate, connect, and engage, Shopper Media Group provides customized digital signage solutions through its Smartlite digital panels and intelligent Wi-Fi analytics platform that captures and provides shopper insights to shopping centres to enhance the shopper experience, and drive innovation. Today, Shopper Media Group’s Wi-Fi analytics platform help shopping centres obtain real –time customer data: how many customers are there in the shopping centre; how often they come; their whereabouts in the shopping centre, and many other analytics that are cost effective and highly productive for customer evaluations. “This is one of the attributes that distinguishes us from the other industry peers,” elaborates Ben Walker, CEO and Founder, Shopper Media Group.

Shopper Media was approached by American Express, a company that focuses on delivering financial services, to perform advertising in retail shopping centres. American Express wanted to reach business owners in shopping centres, thus Shopper Media Group delivered an intelligent campaign through its Wi-Fi analytics platform that engaged over hundreds of thousands of customers at the touch of a button.
When customers walked into the shopping centres for purchase, Shopper Media Group’s Wi–Fi analytics platform enacteda one to one advertising strategy by displaying American Express advertisement on each of client’s digital devises; in addition customers were asked a number of key questions when entering the shopping centre. “The first time the shopper logged into our Wi-Fi we asked them their name age, gender, and next time we asked if they were business owner or not. These queries helped us identify if they were business owner or not and enabled us to serve up relevant information,” adds Ben. Shopper Media Group has deployed various other innovative projects for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Lion Beverages, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

Shopper Media Group provides customized digital signage solutions through its Smartlite digital panels and intelligent Wi-Fi analytics platform

As one of the fastest growing digital out-of-home media solution providers in Australia, the company’s Smart lite digital panels offer new generation tools such as beacon technology, content management system in Shopping centres, database marketing and other integrated components that deliver programmatic advertising opportunities for clients in advertising sector. In the future, the company intends to expand geographically across APAC and other regions. In terms of technological expansion, Shopper Media Group is focused on building an Australian Shopper Community through which advertisers can optimally interact with customers by leveraging digital technology to its full potential.