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Top 10 Digital Technology Companies 2017

Squiz: Technology Backed Solutions for the New Age Marketer

John-Paul Syriatowicz,Group CEO

Digital Technologies have disrupted the way businesses function. Engaging with customers on an intimate level has become increasingly important and thus managing the content has become rather important for gaining desired marketing outcomes. Squiz is a digital technology enforcer that is driving businesses forward by enabling seam less digital transformations. Founded at the turn of the millennium, the firm helps clients to integrate their business with all elements of design and technology. Squiz helps create seamless, intelligent and engaging customer experiences by combining technologies and enhancing business capabilities.

Established in 1998 the firm has been in the industry of transforming businesses;starting off with its Enterprise Content Management System (CMS), Customer Experience Software (CRM) and consulting services.The company has gradually built on its experiences and moved on to developing business transformation consulting practices through digital strategy, vision, execution planning and coaching. In addition to the latest CMS and CRM tools, Squiz’s technology allows customers to experience definitive marketing automation, search and innovation technology. With the Customer Experience Platform (CXM) at the base of its technology empowerment, Squiz stacks up solutions from CMS to CRM and everything in between to deliver efficient work experiences. The “in-between” technologies mentioned are powerful and cater to marketers and technology teams a like. Squiz Matrix is one such technology, which is an enterprise-class CMS that can integrate previously built-in systems. Funnel back, SugarCRM, Marketo, Ikabo, Squiz Cloud, and Squiz Intranet are some of the other technologies offered by the firm aiding in advanced search, develop highly personalized & automated digital campaigns, deliver actionable innovation, state-of-the-art secure cloud and an empowered digital work place respectively.
The digitech firm allied with creative minds of its large infantry provides strategic advisory and delivers carefully designed services to complement the client’s technology. With a strong team of more than 450 people, Squiz helps engage in large-scale digital transformation by combining strategic thinking, smart technology and customer-centric frame work. It provides the required vision, bold leadership, digital acumen and team empowerment. Along with it, Squiz offers expertise in digital strategy with customer experience and their business at the heart of it. It lays out the market analysis, content strategy and social media strategy for clients. The firm spends considerable time in improving user experience to translate them into measurable business returns. Squiz assists in designing stand-out portfolios, produce content which resonates with the audience across every online channel, develop websites integrated with HTML, CSS & JavaScript and optimize accessibility. It also trains employees and provides round the clock support.

Squiz offers expertise in digital strategy with customer experience and their business at the heart of it

Headquartered in Sydney, Squiz has branched out to other Australian states and now has also successfully ventured into six other countries, including U.S. and UK. Over the years Squiz has worked with and continues to work with UNICEF, PGA Australia, Lexis Nexis, The Women’s Institute, Fujitsu and Elsevier among others. Squiz has always believed in delivering great customer experiences, putting technology and services above everything with no room for silo stories. Squiz possesses the capabilities to work with companies across verticals such as public sector, financial services, not-for-profit organizations, higher education, and media. With its deep understanding of technical complexities, change management and integration of multiple systems; Squiz helps deliver smooth and consistent customer experience by overcoming every challenge faced by its clients.