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Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited: Pioneering e-Tendering to New Era of Procurement Management

Organizations spend about$20 trillion on services and procuring goods externally on a global basis. But due to the downturn in the economy, they need to trim their additional costs and improve overall efficiency. Since most products and services are procured through electronic data interchange and the Internet, the implementation of e-procurement is inevitable in both manufacturing and services. E-procurement solutions have made purchasing activities more effective in terms of both time and cost. At the same time, the process of e-procurement is not an easy task due to the diverse IT and admin needs. In 1991, Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited (C&T) came into existence to meet these industry challenges and became a pioneer to provide Enterprise Procurement Management (EPM) software in Hong Kong.

C&T has built a secured e-tendering platform for both procurers and suppliers."Our e-tendering service automates an organization’s procurement activities by transforming the conventional manual and paper-based work procedures into an advanced web-based environment, ”Cheung Wai Lam, DerekCEO of C&T adds. This tool transforms a rigid, process driven environment into a flexible, result driven landscape to make way for one comprehensive, collaborative procurement platform with transparency and audit ability. The utilization of e-tendering platforms also benefits the company’s clients throughout the tendering process starting from establishing a user interface for enrolment to tender return. The company also helps to enhance the competitive advantage of both Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME), and large enterprises through well designed supplier management, e-purchasing, and contract management.

With a proven track record in the industry, C&T has assisted to streamline the purchasing process of a myriad of organizations, including government, public utilities and large conglomerates. In 2014, C&T deployed an e-tendering system for the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA)to strategically strengthen its supplier network for improving competition and efficiency in the tender management of its increasing, diversifying projects with enhanced control and governance. Since its inception, the e-tendering platform for AA has recorded over 1,600 registered suppliers worldwide, stretching across aviation experts, traditional sectors and NGOs.

With a proven track record in the industry, C&T has assisted to streamline the purchasing process of a myriad of organisations, including government, public utilities and large conglomerates

“We are honoured to be a technology partner not only to improve operational efficiency of our valuable clients, but also assist them to uphold the best corporate governance practices,” Cheung elaborates.

Apart from the procurement management solution, C&T provides comprehensive software products specialized in Human Resources Management (HRM), Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Retail Management Solutions (ERM)to enable organizations to run their business and operation better.

C&T is backed with strong technical expertise that makes it the most competent provider of EPM systems in Hong Kong. In the near future, the EPM system of C&T will include new module Accounts Payable Approval and Automation, which allows key information of purchase orders, supplier invoices and proofs of delivery to be captured automatically for better process automation and approval control, thanks to the advanced recognition technology and intelligent logic of VitalCapture. The VitalCapture is a key feature of C&T’s another flagship software—VITOVA EIM, integrated with the EPM system to provide a robust and secured repository through VitalDoc for systematically managing documents in procurement process.

Besides the VITOVA EIM integration, a new module Supplier Evaluation is built to facilitate detailed performance evaluation of suppliers including the response rate to RFQ and Tender Invitation, the ability to provide goods and service, and the measurement of satisfaction to goods and service delivered by suppliers.“With proven success in the past experience of the company, we are confident that these new modules will drive our EPM software into the next level,” Cheung concludes.