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10 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers - 2017

think: Revolutionising Enterprise Technology Trends

Increasingly evident is the huge value that an innovative procurement and payments system poses to an organisation. One that improves the way a company sources its products, communicates with its suppliers, reviews analytics, tracks profits and improves risk management.

think are disrupting the procurement and payments market with their platform ‘Switch On’, web based to ensure speed, security, flexibility and functionality. The platform is accessible on a wide range of devices, in multiple languages, and standardises its internal development programs with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Java, with the latest features of HTML 5, CSS 3 and Angular JS.

think focuses on user experience; evident in its UI, its cost benefits and its support services. It simplifies purchasing by developing low cost, user friendly procurement and payment services, suitable for organisations in the public, private and education sectors, dealing in both local and global markets.

think maintains a number of strategic partners throughout the world to provide their clients with the best resources in the scope of travel, mergers and acquisitions, capital equipment, construction, electricity, technology (ICT), consulting services, recruitment, real estate and facilities. think endeavors to become the world’s first travel and expense management procurement platform. In addition, think builds data driven strategies for their future initiatives; focusing on features like refined search and easy implementation, enabling advanced search capabilities on a broad range of catalogues, suppliers, and service providers.

In order to provide a flexible and secure service, that is able to connect with third party systems, think customizes their services for buyers as well as sellers

In order to provide a flexible and secure service, that is able to connect with third party systems, think customizes their services for buyers as well as sellers. The system also tracks asset purchasing and transactions to provide analytic data regarding an organisations ‘Total Cost of Ownership’, assuring business growth with no risk or upfront costs. think’s business intelligence enables a detailed understanding of spending real time, making it easier than ever for organisations to adopt changes based on their requirements.

“We see ourselves as the platform that attracts forward thinking organizations and helps them procure. So indirectly we see ourselves as the engine behind the leading organizations, that are procuring really well,” says Adam Ryan, CEO & Founder, think.

As a leader in ‘Software as a Service’ (SAAS) procurement and payments platforms, think believes its investment in its team, as well as its security standards will both attract and retain customers. think is making an effort to impress upon their existing and potential clients the importance of a procurement system that enables faster,flexible and cost effective purchasing.