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Sofico: Propelling Excellence through "Miles"

Sofico, global software provider to the asset finance, leasing, fleet and mobility industry, reached a series of new milestones, with the number of vehicle contracts managed by Miles topping the 1.5m mark for the first time. Following the latest of a series of system implementations for the Miles software, Sofico is now present at 31 different sites in 20 countries around the world.

The company first launched Miles with Auto-Interleasing AG in Switzerland in 2005 and has just seen the latest series of system implementations go live throughout Europe and Asia with major leasing company customers, both independents and captives.

The scope of Miles has broadened from leasing and fleet management, in response to a changing corporate automotive market, to now include retail, wholesale and mobility management. These latest developments make Miles the first hybrid fleet/retail contract management software system that is able to meet the needs of captives and leasing companies, in a market where the traditional boundaries between retail and fleet are blurring.

Miles, caters cost effective industry-specific functionalities to Sofico’s clients. It serves to the complex business needs and processes such as, sales, procurement, repairs and maintenance, insurance, fuel management, or any other possible services falling under internal or external leasing contracts. Among its various aspects, Miles has its internet front office support, which can be accessed through Miles Web, Miles Mobile and Miles BI (Business Intelligence). Miles Web is an online service that fulfils the needs of fleet managers and respective suppliers by responding to the latest trends such as dashboards, e-reporting, e-invoicing and self-service functionalities. Miles Mobile on the other hand is the most convenient way through which the Miles software delivers important fleet or lease related message or information to the fleet managers or company car drivers. Miles BI is equipped in such a way that it can mitigate all those needs related to reporting and data collecting. This functionality broadly helps the back office, external users and management to gather information that they need.

Miles, as an open platform, extensively proffers advanced and up-to-date operations to mobility contracts

Miles software has and continues to evolve with the changing trends of the leasing and fleet management market. With mobility playing a bigger role in the fleet management sector, Miles, as an open platform, extensively proffers advanced and up-to-date operations to mobility contracts. The flexibility of this particular technology enables agile changes whenever required. For example, shift from a vehicle centric contract to a driver or employee centric approach. Leveraging the technical platform for lease and fleet management sector, the Belgium based company Sofico has carved a niche with its skilful workforce. Armed with 28 years of experience in leasing and fleet management, the company possesses unparalleled business competence within its working periphery. While talking about Sofico, Koenraad Van Grimbergen, CEO, Asia Pacific, says, “Sofico is a one-stop single point solution provider for the leasing, fleet and mobility market. We also have a proven implementation methodology, MRI (Miles Reference Implementation) and advanced technological framework to facilitate delivery of our clients’ business needs.”

Embracing the latest technologies such as, vehicle telematics, fleet management has been witnessing a rising graph of progress in its space. Enhancing these on-going trends and technologies with its development skills, Sofico is now set with its retail car finance offering. While adding value to this functionality with its technical proficiency, Sofico is aiming to bring further innovations through investments. “Our investments are mainly attributed to research and development processes that propel our business innovations and encourage new methodologies to prosper in the leasing, fleet management and mobility sectors,” Koenraad adds. Sofico is presently looking to further extend its technical excellence in Asia by taking advantage of the complementing similarities between Miles core functionality and industry products and processes in the Asian region.