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10 Most Promising Fleet Management Solution Providers - 2017

V3 Smart Technologies: Real-time Fleet Monitoring via Smart Devices

The rapid development in the field of digitalization has increased the demand for real-time information to meet the customer’s increasing visibility and understanding of operations. Keeping this in mind and with the target to increase performance value of working assets, V3 Smart Technologies was established in 2002 in Singapore by a group of IT professionals. The company offers scalability of solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Though they started with fleet management solutions using Global Positioning System (GPS) to track their trucks, V3 Smart Technologies now has spread its roots in the field of mobile workforce applications and transport scheduling and optimization. The mobility solution technology provider also offers Workforce Assignment & Mobility (WAM), Waste Utility & Management (WUM), Taxi Dispatching Management System (TDMS) and Robotic-As-A-Service (RaaS) solutions as part of analytic tool for the big data.

Catering to more than 600 companies and over 6,000 vehicles with their Fleet Management Solution (FMS),the company provides enhanced features and functionality to serve their customers. V3 Smart Technologies had been providing solutions to government ministries, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) as well as Multi National Corporation (MNC) in the field of logistics, construction, oil, and chemical, law enforcement and security, military, utilities, vehicle insurance and general vehicle surveillance and tracking.

Powered by the V3Nity, V3 Smart Technologies’ Workforce Assignment & Mobility (WAM) solutions have the capability of obtaining proof of job status at any given time along with barcode scanning, availability of the Electronic Signatory and images of rejected goods if the delivery is not accepted with actual time stamp and location as part of the report. V3Nity is a comprehensive, vertically integrated mobility solution platform, interfacing with customer database systems. The Geo-Spatial information system enhances enterprise application visibility of workflow and the processes with digital map, aids in route planning, demarcation in the work zone and viewing the physical location.

V3 Smart Technologies provides their customers with better visibility, velocity and variability for their mobile assets

Combined with their WAM solutions, the FMS solutions help create integrated solutions to enhance productivity and optimise resources. The on-board vehicle GPS command sensor units are tamper proof and are equipped with rechargeable batteries ensuring 24/7 performance. The latest addition of RFID reader and tags for garbage collector as well as environmental waste vehicle and sensors for the detection of the content level for these bins supplements the company’s WUM drive. V3 Smart Technologies’ FMS can track the driver behind the wheel with the driver ID at any particular time of the day coupled with their Driving Behaviours. It has fuel sensor to measure the fuel consumption of the fleet and temperature sensor to track the temperature of the fridge while the fleet delivers frozen or perishable food items.

With an aim to position themselves as a one-stop service vendor, V3 plans to offer vehicle telematic diagnostics to their automobile partners and a better pro-active means of low-bandwidth telco spectrum for connectivity. The company gives special attention to security, ensuring no third party can access the customer data at its Managed Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure. Proving their capability since a decade, the company is under continuous improvement and up gradation to maintain their position in the industry. V3 Smart Technologies provides their customers with better visibility, velocity and variability for their mobile assets. Looking forward to more innovation relevant to the industry to increase productivity, the company is increasing regional footprints in ASEAN, Middle East as well as India with some localization of the system.