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10 Most Promising Field Services Solution Providers - 2017

Asset Edge: A Pioneer in Asset Inspection and Maintenance

Asset Inspection & Maintenance of road infrastructure within Australia remains underfunded with most capital resourcing allocated to those ‘shinier’ construction projects creating need for authorities to efficiently allocate the funds. And to ensure that, it is crucial to have defined standards and guidelines to be followed for maintenance. Asset Edge has been instrumental in both assisting with the definition of these standards and supporting them through the provision of modern mobile software systems to be used in the field. The company works closely with the State Government bodies in a cooperative manner, to help establish and maintain standards for asset inspection
and maintenance.

The brainchild of Brett Ennever and Brendon Stevens, Asset Edge, an Australian based organization was founded in 1994, with a vision to offer apt technology solutions for Asset Inspection and Maintenance Management. Driving the company to growth in past two decades, Bret and Brendon have been involved in State and Local Government. With their exceptional understanding of the market and repertoire of android and web mobile software solutions, the duo has been successfully serving the Australia’s Local Government Bodies. “Asset Edge has developed standards for the inspection and maintenance of a large variety of asset classes including roads, footpaths, trees, aerodromes, open spaces, playgrounds, water & sewer, and a variety of others,” elaborates Brendon Stevens, Director, Asset Edge. The organization has merged its extensive experience in IT and Asset Inspection & Maintenance and created some comprehensive solutions the industry always needed.

The organization’s flagship product 'Reflect.NET software’ is a user-friendly, client-configurable solution, which has eased out the complicated work of the asset managers and maintenance planners. It sorts out their existing expenditures, future work, defect rectification, service delivery and the generation of unit rates for maintenance activities. The other key offerings of Asset Edge are Recover, Nemus and Signum.

Asset Edge has developed standards for the inspection and maintenance of a large variety of asset classes

Detailing them further, Stevens adds, “Our Nemus software is tailored for Tree Inspection & Risk management. The Signum software supports managing both temporary and permanent signs whilst our Recover software centres on disaster management and asset restoration.”

The biggest asset that Asset Edge offers the clients is its understanding and thorough support. The organization works in close association with the field workers and communicates and understands the actual scenario of the industry. It holds extensive experience in the maintenance management industry. Asset Edge has had a long history of working with the RTA of NSW, now known as RMS. Since last 15 years, RTA’s State Road network is placed under the management of the Reflect software, which even today continues to support the inspection and maintenance activities on all the State Roads in NSW.

When it comes to Asset Edge’s association with local government bodies, the company has 100 councils on-board, a milestone achieved in 2012. The organization is now looking at a figure of 150 councils being surpassed in 2017. “With the Department of State Growth in Tasmania using Reflect to help manage all maintenance on the State Roads network, it would only be smart to push deeper into Tasmania and pick up nearly 30 councils there,” elaborates Stevens. Going forward, the company plans to have an office in the vicinity of Perth to a major challenge that Western Australia poses in terms of remoteness. Asset Edge also aims to provide the mobile/cloud based solution for efficient damage collection and preparation of funding applications for the recovery of vital infrastructure to all councils across the country