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10 Most Promising Field Services Solution Providers - 2017

Comarch: Automating Field Service Management Solutions

Mobility has played an instrumental role the reins of field service connecting moving parts of the industry and allowing on-site technicians to steer technology to their work location. The industry has witnessed a dramatic shift from on-premise to cloud model that has enabled companies to leverage historical data and draw trends and patterns for enhanced customer service. Tapping the opportunity, Comarch facilitates seamless management of time, knowledge and resources easing the tasks of field workforce managers. Its mobility support for on-site activities allows changes in real time bringing down the task execution time and enhances work quality.

The company automates route planning and task assignments reducing operational costs and enables mobile access for technicians in remote locations. The automation system considers task type, location, employee skills and availability to furnish initial estimates of assigned tasks and documents actual time taken. This allows field service managers to access information in real-time on current tasks and available resources. It monitors on-site employees for better allocation of resources depending on their competences and current location. The dispatching tasks are also automated with the help of dispatching module reducing dispatcher workload.

Field technicians working in remote locations can log into the system with Comarch FSM Mobile and access precise and updated data required to handle each order. Technicians can also offer additional services for the customer arising from cross-sell and up-sell functionalities. The in-built Geographical Information System (GIS) in the solution simplifies task executions spread across territories and allows managers to track their on-field resources with the help of global positioning system (GPS).

Comarch’s efficient resource allocation and standardized performance elevates quality of field service ensuring compliance with ISO 20000. The solution accomplishes higher installations per day and helps completion of service activation in real-time boosting bottom-line of a company. The company’s end-to-end solutions cover a wider base of industry verticals including telecom, finance and Insurance services, and healthcare.

The company’s end-to-end solutions cover a wider base of industry verticals including telecom, finance and Insurance services, and healthcare

For instance, ViaSat, a provider of broadband services, working with various sales and fulfillment partners had to optimize resource usage and management tools for enhancing their customer satisfaction. Analyzing the requirements of ViaSat, Comarch deployed its Field Service Management modules such as Dispatcher Dashboard, Automated Scheduling, Technician Access, Work Order Management and Reporting to address the challenges.

Comarch’s automated management of technical resources resulted in accurate scheduling of customer visits, less paper work and exhaustive on-field technical support. The dispatcher dashboard module eased assigning work orders while technical access provided complete information including mobile access to the system. The automated scheduling ensured planned customer visits based on the availability of resources. The deployed modules also ensured central management of work orders dispatched to various subcontractors and achieve KPIs.

Comarch’s enduring solutions has enabled the company to be featured in Gartner’s Magic quadrant for Field Service Management. Szymon Uczciwek, FSM Consulting Director of Comarch says “What is most appreciated by the customers, it is the fact that Comarch Field Service Management is rich in functionalities that cover task scheduling, resource planning & management, route optimization, mobile technician enablement, analytics, and some operations functionality such as SLAs. It is also valuable that Comarch FSM offers its own ERP module as well as possibility of integration with
external ERPs.”