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10 Most Promising Field Services Solution Providers - 2017

TeamHaven: A Comprehensive Platform for Efficient Field Force Management

With businesses becoming more global in nature and sales teams becoming more mobile, there arises a need for an efficient field force management solution that can aggregate data, photos and reports to bring in transparency to the process. Mobile technologies play a critical role in managing mobile field service teams and TeamHaven is one such web and mobile device based data collection, field management and reporting solution. “Designed for brands, agencies and enterprises working in the retail channel, the solution is suitable for all types of field activity including field sales, merchandising, mystery shopping, demonstration days, audits and all field activity,” explains Steve Grimes, CEO, Team Haven. Armed with prior industry experience of having founded a field marketing and sales company and having built a field management solution for Microsoft, Steve is well versed with both sides of the industry. Leveraging his wealth of experience, Steve founded Team Haven in 2003.

The easy to use solution helps users maintain flexibility and transparency by enabling field supervisors to have a direct control over their field servicing teams and keeping a note on their current and future activities. Field representatives on the other hand can increase their efficiency and accuracy by using TeamHaven. The solution can also be used offline by field teams through any Android or Apple tablet or smart phone. “Our app can create automatic alerts via Call Compliance Manager and advise field supervisors if any of their field staffs fail to meet their commitments,” Steve adds. The app can also support easy management of the exact product or promotion in the exact store and that too at the exact time along with guiding the staff with the correct location. The project management team controls the accessibility of reports and photographs of the client reporting portal. TeamHaven provides thirty days of free trial for the app and helps brands and agencies to understand its usability and advantages.

TeamHaven is rendering technological backup to the brands such as, HP, Amazon, Google, Huawei, P&, Kraft, Samsung, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Asus etc

The solution is completely cloud based and does not require any other software than a browser. The TeamHaven solution has been adopted by various industry leaders including, HP, Amazon, Google, Huawei, P&G, Kraft, Samsung, Nestle, Kellogg’s and Asus among others.

One of the company’s longest enduring partnerships has been with HP. Helping the global tech giant in areas such as field marketing, account management, auditing direct sales and promoters, TeamHaven is operational in 39 countries across the EMEA. The enables HP to manage all its global representatives involved in the retail environment. HP owns and controls the TeamHaven portal and has control over their 35 agencies working in the EMEA region. The app generates EMEA and local country reports and countries can easily manage their local content and produce their own customized data and photo reports based on their requirements. “Teamhaven’s success lies within its customer relationship status. Just the way it has been helping HP to succeed with their required activities, Amazon too has selected us to manage their retail field services in the US,” further adds Steve. While proceeding with its strong customer relationship, TeamHaven is now all set to integrate its superlative solutions with recruitment companies. The company has now set its sight on expanding across the APAC region and is looking to showcase its solution across exhibitions and conferences in Hong Kong
and Singapore.