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Atmospheric: Rolling-out Impactful Cloud Solutions Supported by Microsoft

The evident shift in the information technology industry that took place when Microsoft began disrupting with its new range of products such as Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 had a lasting impact across the entire globe. Labeled as Microsoft’s mightiest initiative to develop simple and intriguing technology solutions, these products entirely changed the concept of personal computing and left a distinctive imprint for modern organizations to follow and capitalize.

One such organization driven by the desire to introduce the Microsoft world to small and midsize businesses was Network Agents, founded by Matt Allwood in 2004. In 2008, now well-known New Zealand IT talent, David Verschaffelt joined Matt to engineer a versatile firm with diversified service expertise and improved Cloud-enabled operations, providing clients with an alternative to server hardware and new business opportunities.

In line with the Cloud first approach taken by the company, Network Agents was rebranded to Atmospheric in early 2015. Building on Network Agents proven operating models, Atmospheric provides a range of solutions from helpdesk & managed services, to and cloud deployment and consulting services around projects such as Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Online deployment. David elaborates, “The rebranding to Atmospheric is far more than a name change. It not only represents our commitment to our customers, our team and our partners, but also recognizes the Atmospheric vision about the future of cloud, about enabling people and providing more choice and freedom for our clients.”

The company’s portfolio of Cloud solutions has provided significant improvements in client’s business operations. This is especially visible when Atmospheric builds the capabilities of its SMB clientele. In the SMB market, Atmospheric has been one of the key organizations helping introduce and drive adopt technologies such as Microsoft Office365, Azure & CRM Online. While still managing IT, the company has thrived by capturing the full
potential of the versatile Cloud offering from Microsoft. David hit the right note as he explained the value that can be created for clients through extensive and effective deployment of Cloud enabled solutions, powered by Microsoft Online Services, “We believe that by combining the features offered by Microsoft Azure, such as Azure AD, Single Sign-On functionality, Remote-App & My Cloud Apps with the features of Office 365, we are able to offer our SMBs customers the most complete, seamless & fully integrated Cloud solutions.”

Over the past six years, the Cloud has developed and dominated, becoming Atmospheric’s core competency and the company continues to concentrate heavily on the Cloud to enable the delivery of high-quality solutions. The coming together of Atmospherics’ substantial expertise in cloud technologies and Microsoft’s granularity in their cloud offerings has led to the evolution of unique custom applications. The company has developed a three tier Cloud solutions based offer, built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform: Cloud- Sphere, Work-Sphere and Knowledge-Sphere.

Over the past six years, the Cloud has developed and dominated, becoming Atmospheric’s core competency

Cloud-Sphere allows clients to decommission existing on premise server infrastructure and adopt full Cloud solutions powered by Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Work-Sphere allows clients to partner with Atmospheric on particular workloads and migrate to the new product offers in the market from Exchange or SharePoint Online to Dynamics CRM and even financial workloads. Knowledge-Sphere is the company’s more consulting focused product, this can include technology road mapping for clients, technology risk assessments or current system/state audits.

After executing a Cloud strategy to drive change in client’s business models, supported by best of breed services, Atmospheric aims to be the fastest in helping organizations achieve the new reality of a mobile first, Cloud first world. As a trusted advisor, the company seeks to reduce the challenges of cost, time and scalable computing solutions for SMBs and delight customers through value-driven services and solutions.