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Nexon Asia Pacific: Deploying Cloud Based Business and Communication Solutions

IT investments are inherently expensive. And, when there is a major breakdown, operational costs get out of hand, resulting in business downtime which could span anywhere between a few hours to days. Thus, it makes sense for businesses to come out this “break-fix” model, and delegate their IT functions to experts adept at managing them 24/7, and focus on their core business instead. This is where managed services play a pivotal role. Nexon, a provider of dynamic and flexible IT solutions, was incorporated to help enterprises expand their IT capabilities whenever needed and obliterate operational risk factors.

Based in Australia, Nexon started its operations in 2000. Its initial offerings were managed network services that gave Australian businesses access to high speed, secure private networks with monitored availability and performance. Later in 2008, Nexon added Unified Communications into its service line, and for the last three years, the Company has been providing Nexon Absolute services built on industry proven Microsoft Skype for business. “Today we are among one of the top providers of Unified Communications across Australia,” adds David Russell, Business Lead of Unified Communications.

Nexon also helps its customers with on premise data centre management, work load distribution, CRM and Microsoft Exchange deployments, and transition to office 365

Nexon provides an array of hosting and Internet access services which include web hosting, security services, co-located servers, and xDSL. Managed services categorized in multiple layers remains the company’s forte. At the base layer, the Organization provides tailored network services to enterprises, ensuring secured traffic flow over the Internet with private and dedicated LAN, WAN and Wireless LANs. Besides, the company provides strong consulting services to its clients through its ABC (Agile Business Cloud) managed services. Nexon also helps its customers with on premise
data centre management, work load distribution, CRM and Microsoft Exchange deployments, and transition to office 365.The company’s Praxa services unit creates IPs for specific business needs with Microsoft dynamics, Office 365 or on its own Agile Business Cloud, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Nexon’s hosted Unified Communications services are broadly divided into two segments: Nexon Absolute Products and MA3 Platform, based on the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise range of products- leveraged by the clients anytime, anyplace and in any device. Nexon Absolute is a suite of managed services leveraging Microsoft Skype for Business to facilitate communication and collaboration for businesses purposes. It unifies various communication channels such as voice mail, instant messaging, video, audio, web conferencing and remote desktop sharing into a single, easy-to-use platform. Nexon Absolute works in 4 Key areas: absolute business, absolute productivity, absolute contacts and absolute video. Absolute business designs specific IP around Microsoft dynamics CRM software which includes creating business processes. It also takes care of IT integration services such as providing single login experience, and deploying private networks to facilitate enterprise quality voice, video and file sharing services. Nexon’s Absolute video deploys Polycom technologies to facilitate business meetings and conferences.

Nexon’s industries acclaimed services have come a long way. It’s cloud services have attracted numerous clients to move their applications to private as well as public clouds. Services deployed on cloud platforms can be used pay-per-user-basis, thereby reducing cost and increasing flexibility and productivity As for business and revenue growth outlooks, the Company plans to double its size and business activities in the coming years. Abiding by its outstanding innovation and excellence, Nexon has recently won 2015 ARN award for agile business cloud. Today, Nexon brings to the fore best breed of cloud solutions to the industry and arguably is one of the most eminent cloud integrators in Australia.