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25 Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Providers

Olympic Software: Developing World-classSoftware Solutions with Microsoft

With the demand for trendsetting technologies on the rise, most organizations are ready to power their business by accessing all the key software solutions available in the market. As a result the role of software giants such as Microsoft has expanded beyond free upgrades and simple software development tools. Today, Microsoft spearheads these companies through its innovative yet value added services.

As one of Microsoft’s oldest gold partners in New Zealand, Olympic Software, a service company providing consulting and development services, has developed unique ways of creating specialized software solutions that are scalable and efficient to use. Olympic Software is an Australasian software engineering business headquartered in Auckland and with three other office locations in Sydney, Wellington and Christchurch.

Joe McLeod, Managing Director, Olympic Software explains how a notable growth of digitization is triggering new business models and the company’s deep expertise in understanding the digital ecosystem. “It's clear that Microsoft's new objective is focused on helping drive transformation in business through digital connectedness and collaboration and that is very much aligned with Olympic's own strategic goal of helping clients to realize the value of what being fully digital will deliver.” Olympic uses this as a focus in the development of its Trader, Go and DX2 solutions. The company has the ability to ensure that the variety of solutions it provides align with these same goals. Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 fit with this theme and Olympic has specialists who can implement and support these solutions.

It is crucial to develop ecommerce solutions that strengthen our clients’ business constantly

Today, the company has formed one of the largest Dynamics GP client base in New Zealand. Olympic is able to offer value to their Dynamics GP customers by developing applications that extended the reach of Dynamics GP. Some of its product innovations include, GP2Bank, an electronic funds transfer solution and Document Processor, an application to digitize invoices.
During its formative years, Olympic delivered ERP solutions to mid-sized businesses as part of its core business strategy. Both Olympic's Trader ecommerce and DX2 platforms continue to extend the company’s core ERP investment by providing digital transaction connectivity between customers/suppliers fully integrated to the backend ERP applications. Joe McLeod says, “It is crucial to develop ecommerce solutions that strengthen our clients’ business constantly. Through Trader, process improvements and DX2 platforms, the valuable aspect of expanding user experience and efficiency gains are achieved.” Among the important organizations frequently using Trader ecommerce to deliver their very successful ecommerce platforms are Woolworths supermarkets in Australiaand Progressive Enterprises (Countdown) in New Zealand.
Olympic has gained constant recognition in the market as one of the foremost online solutions providers with the best technology facilities around the ANZ region.The Ministry for Primary Industries chose Olympic's Go solution as the time recording system for their more than 2,000 full-time, part-time and contract staff. Antares Restaurants (Burger King) have developed a very strong and long-term relationship with Olympic, coming first for ERP, and now using DX2 to send and receive digital data between several key suppliers. Talking about the company’s future roadmap Joe elaborates, “Olympic's vision is to continue building its DX2 network, expand GO into service based industries that require both billing of time and/or reporting of outcomes.We are also focused on developing our Trader platform for clients seeking a highly scalable and flexible ecommerce solution.”