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25 Most Promising IT Services Solution Providers - 2017

Adventus: Managing ICT Environments Intelligently and Effectively across Asia

Known for its best-in-class Information and Communications Technology Solutions and Services, Adventus has made its mark as the vanguard of ICT industry by helping organizations bring about positive transformations to their clients' businesses through the intelligent applications of innovative solutions and pertinent services. “With the comprehensive range of ICT expertise, we have laid the foundation of unique products and services that have exceedingly strong value propositions for our clients,” says Don Foo, Managing Director, Adventus Singapore.

By bringing on board highly experienced, proven and competent subject matter experts to lead business units within the organization, Adventus has been able to develop a high level of competency and proficiency across a wide range of ICT disciplines that includes Systems, Network, Security, Communications, Disaster Recovery, Document Management, Enterprise Printing and Cloud. Ensuring that clients never go through a hiccup unassisted, Adventus offers fast, superior, reliable and customizable IT Outsourcing and Support Services 24/7/365. The company’s services include Remote IT Help desk, OnSite IT Support, Infrastructure Monitoring, Infrastructure Maintenance, Vendor Management, Staff Augmentation, License Management and Asset Management.

The Adventus brand of Managed Services focuses on effective and reliable design, implementation and management of customized ICT infrastructure and solutions on a utility or subscription based payment model with guaranteed operational results. Clients are able to trade in their old systems and get their new systems deployed (either on the cloud or on premise) without having to fork out a single cent upfront. Adventus assumes day-to-day operational responsibilities with clear service performance guarantees. Every contract is customizable to the unique requirements of the client. The client only needs to pay a fixed monthly or utility based fee. This effectively brings about many benefits for the clients versus traditional delivery and maintenance model.

Adventus has been able to develop a high level of competency and proficiency across a wide range of ICT disciplines

If quality of clientele is an effective yardstick of measurement for the determination of a credible ICT service provider – without a doubt, Adventus stands out. Headquartered in Singapore, with eminent presences in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines, Adventus has business alliances with partners in China, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Adventus’ success stems from its ability to attract retain, and inspire talented individuals who are passionate about delivering intelligent solutions to clients. Adventus was named the top 10 best technology companies to work for in 2015 by the Singapore Computer Society, alongside industry big wigs such as Microsoft and LinkedIn. “We firmly believe that the ICT solutions and services business is very much about talent management, an innovative and customer-centric culture and a robust delivery process. For those reasons, we invest most of our time and resources in developing the strength of our people, improving our work processes and building a unique culture,” says Don.

The organization is confident about its future and has gained ample insights to forecast a 30 percent year-onyear growth in revenue and has set its sight on growing its portfolio of managed services and proprietary solutions by 300 percent over the next three years. “We are very excited about the future and have ample confidence in our business plans.We are eagerly looking forward to make an impact on the industry and contribute positively to our clients in a big way,” concludes Don.