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CenturyLink: Accelerated Business Growth using Hybrid IT Solutions

T he importance of technology in the growth and sustainability of enterprises to remain competitive is an unavoidable aspect in today’s highly-competitive IT landscape. Nevertheless, the adoption of technological strategies presents numerous challenges to CIOs owing to the lack of skilled workforce. Limited time frame to train specific technology-savvy workforce due to the increased pressure of delivering projects within a short period is yet another aspect that companies are currently grappling with. To mitigate these challenges, CenturyLink provides a wide array of hybrid IT solutions that are purpose-built and deliberately designed to fasttrack the performance of technology throughout the enterprise’s numerous departments. “CenturyLink’s focus is to provide a comprehensive yet flexible platform for enterprises to take advantage of the IT solutions in their digital transformation journey,” states Francis Thangasamy, Vice President, Advanced Services, Asia Pacific, CenturyLink.

Consistent with the present trend in the field of IT solutions, whereby numerous players are swarming to offer IT solutions to their clients, the US headquartered company provides a hybrid IT model to enterprises in the Asia Pacific region to allow them to transform their businesses. From private and public cloud, connected co-location, expansive network, IT services and consulting, managed hosting and managed service, CenturyLink provides a wide spectrum of tailored IT services and integrated solutions to their clients. Thangasamy expounds, “If you’re ready for Hybrid IT to transform your business, selection of the right managed services provider is vital to the success of the entire digital transformation journey. You will need to find a provider that can offer you the right mix of managed services that can consult and support you on the best solution for your varied workload needs.”

CenturyLink focuses on the varied needs of enterprises and help them embark seamless throughout their digital transformation journey

CenturyLink offers enterprises choice and flexibility in the services they require. Thangasamy explains, “We succinctly understand that customer satisfaction is vital for sustainability and progress of any business, which is why the company offers unparallel attention to its customers.”

In order to accelerate business growth through IT services to preserve a company’s competitive advantage, CenturyLink has invested in offering an enhanced end-to-end IT services such as managed SAP, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Managed Security. By offering collaborative innovation, the company allows its clients to align their business and IT strategies, leading to an improvement of their enterprise. Further, the collaborative innovation allows the companies to get effective IT solutions from CenturyLink and also establish their own solutions. Offering technology insights and support from its global subject matter experts, CenturyLink clients can concentrate on their core business operations to gain competitive advantage.

CenturyLink can offer comprehensive support to an enterprise customer including risk mitigation, simplifying their migration process, and ensuring alignment across multiple vendors with their strict SLAs. CenturyLink has multiple success stories that reinforce its credibility to accelerating their clients’ business growth through hybrid IT solutions.

The CenturyLink approach is simple. The focus is always on the customer.