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25 Most Promising IT Services Solution Providers - 2017

Terrabit Consulting: Enabling Successful and Timely Project Implementations

Rajiv Nair, CEO

The IT services market is highly competitive with a host of service providers vying to capture a bigger slice of the market pie. It has become imperative for service providers to understand the needs of the clients in order to increase their market share. This is where relevant industry experience can act as a game changer, and Terrabit, with this experience, has a clear edge over its competitors. Terrabit Consulting has been focused on empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. Our mission is to empower businesses by partnering in their successes with their end customers, achieving optimal returns on their investments and providing customized world-class ICT solutions within their affordability. We work with businesses on initiatives around Applications, Managed services, Cyber Security Services, and Big Data Consulting. Being reputed for the quality of customer experience, we invest in process improvement, automation and research, and development to continuously innovate and improve. “During our extensive engagements with clients spanning over 25 years, we identified that customers are on the lookout for an end-to-end solution with a single point of responsibility. Additionally, clients prefer to work with an agile and flexible delivery team that can customise solutions that meet their specific requirements and timelines” explains Rajiv Nair, CEO, Terrabit Consulting. Terrabit was founded in 2009, with an objective to address these requirements of customers. The company today is known for its strong domain expertise; and various Fortune 500 companies and global banks benefit from the value the company provides.

Since its inception, Terrabit has been supporting its customers in breaking down speed-breakers, by using a deep understanding of technology as well as business operations.

With qualified, competent and experienced resources, Terrabit Consulting ensures a proven project delivery and execution process

A major concern for clients while working with an IT service provider is a timely and successful project implementation. “With our experience on end-to-end software and infrastructure solutions delivery, we know that project scoping, agreement on the requirements and delivery timelines is the key to a successful implementation,” explains Rajiv. To enable this, Terrabit has put in place a strong project management team and a robust execution process. Highlighting the team’s efficiency, Rajiv expounds, “With qualified, competent, and experienced resources, Terrabit Consulting ensures a proven project delivery and execution. At Terrabit, we create a project team with expertise on the specific domain. This enables Terrabit to offer additional value to our customers.”

Starting operations from its headquarters in Singapore, in 2009, the organization has made its services available in a number of Asia-Pacific countries including Malaysia, India, and Hong Kong; and subsequently established themselves in each of these countries. Having provided its services to few large clients in Australia and Japan, the company is now striving to establish offices in these two countries as part of its future expansion endeavours. Under Rajiv’s able leadership and guidance, the company is aiming for greater success.