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25 Most Promising IT Services Solution Providers - 2017

Wyntec: The One-Stop Hassle Free IT Services

Tom Freer, MD

With technology and business landscapes evolving rapidly, companies today are in a rush to implement IT strategies to keep up with new market needs. However, every new technological implementation leaves organizations susceptible to failures and security breaches owing to poor IT foundations, unaligned business and IT strategy, and lack of proactive approach. For a risk-free IT environment, organizations look forward to adopt secure, hassle-free, and customizable solutions. Noting all the technological hazards faced by businesses, Wyntec, an Australian IT services and solutions provider enables ‘stress free’ IT solutions through its cloud solutions, data protection & security, and 24/7 IT support.

In order to deliver stress free IT services, Wyntec implements its services through its Define, Design, Deploy, and Direct strategy. The four-layered strategy provides clients complete support and hands them the reins of their IT functions. Thoroughly assessing the clients’ business, Wyntec defines the most appropriate solution and accordingly designs customized solutions, and platforms with the deployment of appropriate tools. It then directs clients in the right direction where they can operate appropriately – enabling organizations to have complete support and control of technology. Tom Freer, MD, Wyntec says, “We work with customers to re-engineer their platform. We assess the applications they are using, their business strategy and work in close association with customers to understand where their demands and issues lie. We make sure that their IT is flexible/agile enough to adapt to their businesses.”

Looking at IT from an operational perspective, Wyntec offers 24/7 Monitoring, 24/7 User Support, Technology Alignment and Planning, and more. To leverage and support leading cloud technologies, Wyntec renders cloud and infrastructure services to its clients to trim down costs, boost up time, leverage productivity, and the ability to work from any where.

To leverage and support leading cloud technologies, Wyntec renders cloud and infrastructure services to its clients to trim down costs, boost uptime, leverage productivity and the ability to work from anywhere

With technological advancement, data has become more susceptible to virus, malware and ransomware attacks. Wyntec has taken into count security and data protection very critically and has devised a secured framework and storage in which organizations can operate freely. The firm offers backup, disaster recovery programs and also business surveillance. Through its business solutions, Wyntec helps clients leverage industry leading solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 Email Solutions, Cloud-based Data Storage, Cloud CRM Solutions, and Financial & Business Management.

Having adopted a proactive approach to educate business about leveraging technology to build starter businesses, Wyntec conducts several workshop programs related to cloud, prevention of cyber-attacks; alignment of I.T. and marketing and planning marketing strategies. Participants not only get to know the utility of the latest technologies, but are also made aware of the potential IT threats and mistakes they are making in their businesses.

With its strategized IT services, Wyntec has become the go-to IT solutions provider not only by adding value to the businesses of the clients, but also by providing full visibility and transparency to the network systems. Keeping an eye on 2017 trends, Wyntec will channelize its resources to strengthen its cloud, mobility, security, backups, and disaster recovery services. The company will also continue to guide businesses in their IT journey through its various workshops.