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10 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers - 2017

3i Infotech: Leading Organizations towards Business Process Excellence

Afully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system takes over the common tasks that are carried out in most businesses. Yet entrepreneurs delay the implementation of ERP system in their organizations as they see it as less responsive to their changing business requirements. This is mainly due to the concerns associated with upfront costs, complexities in migration of existing data into new ERP systems, and scarcity of industry-specific solutions. Comprehending various such dynamic requirements of different industry verticals, 3i Infotech’s ORION ERP Suite was developed.

“We focus on various industry verticals and deliver specific supply chain solutions for various industries in APAC including trading, distribution, retail, contracting, process manufacturing, NGOs, and healthcare,” says Suryanarayan Kasichainula, Business Head (ERP), 3i Infotech.

ERP application is considered as the optimal tool for streamlining business processes, but the challenges it brings forth with regards to the implementation are not yet addressed by many organizations. Stepping forward, 3i Infotech ensures easy deployment of ERP applications that specifically meet all the requirements of an organization. “We constantly ensure that our ERP applications are easy to deploy across all domains,” adds Kasichainula.

Diligently developing new technologies since the past two decades, 3i Infotech’s ORION ERP is a multi-user enterprise solution that is fully integrated with all the functional and administrative modules of an organization. ORION ERP is designed and architected with customer-centric philosophies and helps clients refine operations with deeper insights. It delivers all the functionalities that are imperative for attaining a competitive advantage in the market. ORION ERP also ensures that the senior management personnel of an organization are empowered to obtain complete visibility of employee operations across all departments. To arm clients with this capability, ORION ERP offers a digital, customized dashboard that allows effective business analysis. “This enables any senior level officer to have a single view of his/her operations,” adds Kasichainula.

As a renowned company with over 50,000 users across various verticals, 3i Infotech over the years has carved a niche in the APAC market. Serving as a differentiator, 3i Infotech’s ORION ERP also endows clients with functionalities such as embedded workflow and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for effectively managing and determining whether their clients are achieving their set business objectives.

In the present scenario, mobile ERP is gaining significance as it assists entrepreneurs in making important decisions. As businesses today are interconnected, mobile ERP has become a need rather than an add-on system to obtain information in real time.

We constantly ensure that our ERP applications are easy to deploy across all domains

With ORION Mobile ERP that addresses changing market requirements, 3i Infotech is able to proffer the industry’s most comprehensive mobile ERP that enables access to information anytime anywhere.

As a one-stop-shop for ERP, 3i Infotech has served clients from various industries and has enabled them to map everything from strategy to efficient operational business models. “It enables clients to nimbly adapt business processes to dynamic market requirements - giving them a winning competitive advantage,” explains Kasichainula.

Mega Lifesciences, a world-class pharmaceutical and FMCG company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand was facing a challenge in meeting its organizational requirements and expanding its branches in Myanmar and other markets. The client wanted to move away from its in-house legacy system and was seeking a cost-effective ERP solution provider who had a strong presence in both Thailand as well as in its new market in Myanmar. After considering several options, the client selected ORION ERP as it could satisfy all their requirements and the software had several modules under a single suite including finance, sales, distribution, and CRM. 3i Infotech used a step by step approach for the ERP implementation. Meeting all their specific business requirements, ORION ERP today serves as the backbone of all organizational operations. “80 percent of our business today runs on ORION, and the flexibility and value proposition it offers is remarkable,” says Arun Singh, CIO, Mega Lifesciences. Thomas Abraham, CFO, Mega Lifesciences further adds, “We have been associated with 3i Infotech since 2007 and they have been very supportive throughout the journey.”

While 3i Infotech’s ORION ERP fulfils the core business needs of organizations across all industries, it also builds a strong foundation for its clients’ growth, ensures innovation, and end-to-end business process excellence. Serving clients from various industries has fostered 3i Infotech to build a future-ready technology solution that empowers organisations to optimize business processes and make informed decisions through anytime access to dashboards and analytics. By deploying ORION ERP industry-ready solutions, clients have successfully enhanced productivity and streamlined operations across departments. In the recent past, 3i Infotech has launched a new version of ORION to address the changing market needs. “We have such a loyal clientele that has been deploying our services since twenty years. Our focus will be on developing industry-ready solutions for them,” concludes Kasichainula.