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10 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers - 2017

Agilyx: Businesses with ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) empowers organizations to amalgamate multiple functions into a shared database to streamline a variety of operations in businesses. It acts as a glue to bind various functional systems such as planning, purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources to attenuate the production downtime and achieve higher efficiencies. However, deploying ERP software may not always be successful. With future-proof Business World ERP solution, Agilyx lays a platform for public services to outsource its legacy system and enrol efficient ERP models. “Having associated with Unit4 for over 15 years, Agilyx brings into play best-in-class ERP cloud solutions to its clients for transforming their businesses and routing to digitalization,” says John Catarinich, CEO, Agilyx.

Founded in 2000, powered by Unit4, Agilyx provides cloud ERP solutions to automate core business processes and provide real-time insights to mitigate the risk involved. The company is committed to embedding best-in-class software to address the need of ever-changing market. At present, Agilyx extends ERP solutions for financial management, payroll, budgeting, procurement, field services, management, and project software. “We are delighted to provide a road-map for enterprises looking to enrol significant transformation in businesses. Our ERP solutions come with latest cutting-edge technology to help enterprises achieve their core business goals,” implies Catarinich.

Agilyx cloud offers cost-efficient ERP solutions for enterprises that lack in infrastructure, resources, and time. With the cloud-embracing deployment model, enterprises can meet the need of commercial, public, and education market with various business management tools. Launching ERP solutions using Agilyx cloud can help an organization to abate unwanted IT costs and achieve seamless work environment. The multi-tenant cloud solution further incorporates high security in its database for protection against unwanted human errors and adieu the unwanted hurdles in business.

We are delighted to provide a road-map for enterprises looking to enrol significant transformation in businesses

Furthermore, with Business World ERP solution Agilyx’s clients can be assured of reliable IT resources and vendor dependency. Business World’s unique suite of solutions can bring major market change to enhance cost and time efficiency. With Business World solution, Agilyx clients can attenuate the fluctuations in business and unwanted change in the business structure. Designed to outsource the outdated legacy platform running in enterprises, Business World meets the needs of clients looking forward to adopt digitalization and run ahead in competitive market group.

There have been numerous cases where Agilyx has helped its clients address key performance issues and help them gain better insights in business. Recently, one of its clients, Queensland Government was looking for an ERP solution to transform the education program running throughout the state. With Unit 4 flagship product “Business World”, Queensland Government achieved standardized management of financial and administrative records replacing the outdated legacy system. The software delivered an ERP system to all 50,000 users at 1200 schools in Queensland, providing a single-pane glass view for improving visibility and managing data of all the schools in the state.

Agilyx is continuously putting innovation in its software and helping its clients to leap ahead of their competitors. The company is committed to bringing high-quality Unit4 Business World services to commercial, public sector, and notfor-profit organizations.