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10 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers - 2017

Hilsoft: Automating Businesses with ERP World Class

Hilsoft stands as a capable ERP solution provider in Philippines’ technology market, which is congested with a multitude of Information Technology providers. With over 250 clients globally, Hilsoft carries the ability to arm clients with unilateral ERP platform, which ensures coherent workflow and quicker completion of process through automation. “Hilsoft’s ERP has been in the Philippine market since 2001. We are proud to have implemented a web-based ERP solution not only to notable private companies but also to the national government as well,” says Dennis M. Hilario, CEO, Hilsoft.

ERP systems enable organizations to gain complete visibility into all important processes across various departments. However, migration of existing data to new ERP system involves resources such as employees’ time and money, followed by new upgrades and integration. To help clients streamline and mitigate the complexities of data migration, Hilsoft with its experienced CPA (Certified Public Accountant) ERP consultants has brought forth an ERP World Class solution. It ensures successful migration, automates the business process, and integrates separate systems efficiently. In addition, Hilosft’s web-based ERP solution enables clients to oversee the financial transactions in real-time and simplifies the complexities in back office functions related to technology, POS for retail & restaurants, and human resources.

Bolstered by proficient engineers and significant experience in serving clients from sectors such as government, retail, manufacturing, banking, and SMEs, Hilsoft’s ERP World Class features ensure a better customer experience to both SMEs and large enterprises. It also has prowess in data capturing automation for volume of data, control and security, online document approval with scanned attachments, multi-branches and inventory locations.

“What’s really unique in our offering is our dedicated software team which vigilantly offers innovation along with our products and customized solutions to our clients,” says John Penntoft, Brand Management and Business Development, Hilsoft.

Hilsoft’s ERP World Class features and functionalities ensure a better customer experience for both SMEs and large enterprises

As a renowned organization with more than 3000 users across the world, Hilsoft takes initiatives to ensure fast roll out of new solutions such as Snap Accounting to assist new entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. “While new entrepreneurs comprehend the areas they need to focus on for increasing productivity, they can opt to add more modules on the fly such as invoice writing, purchase order to a full automated accounting solution,” elaborates Dennis.

Besides, the company also ensures its solutions are compliant with existing tax regulations. Many prominent organizations across the world have deployed Hilsoft’s ERP solutions to simplify the complexities in back-office functions and to obtain the coherent workflow from one department function to another. Some of the biggest names in their clientele include Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine Bank of Communications, and CWC Group of Companies.

For the years ahead, the company has developed a roadmap outlining its futuristic approach to nearterm activities. It plans to focus on expanding its market outside the Philippines and be globally present with the launch of territorial reseller model and a premium SaaS based accounting solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). With over a decade of experience in developing world class ERP solutions, Hilsoft is fully equipped to obtain a foothold in international market as well. “We are constantly looking at how we can enhance our existing products while focusing on developing next generation products and services,” concludes Dennis.