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10 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers - 2017

NetSuite: Elevating Business Performances

In the life of a CIO, at least once, an opportunity arises to take his company to a new level of performance by transforming legacy technology systems into a present-day ERP technology. Similar was the situation for Thos. Baker, a Washington based online retailer of outdoor furniture. “NetSuite integrates ecommerce, inventory control, order processing, CRM, financial reporting and other functions in a way that really fits our business needs”–this quote from the firm portrays the methods in which Netsuite did the job and the successful design that scaled the amount of work needed to manage multiple roles in a business.

Thos. Baker deployed the software suite in 2005. As the suite started managing all its business complicacies, Thos. Baker stopped concentrating on the integration and elevation of its on premise solutions generally required during business development process. Employing NetSuite has also helped the organisation to use an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution acquired from one of the reliable NetSuite partners, SPS Commerce and a shipping solution from another dependable partner Pacejet. This integration further assisted in streamlined transactions with suppliers and manufactures at a low shipping cost.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is an agile, all-in one software suite that scales to a business. NetSuite operates on the cloud; data is updated immediately, across every channel and can be accessed from anywhere on any device. With its CRM, BI, ERP and ecommerce solutions, NetSuite unifies the whole enterprise and grows as the business grows. When the market causes disruption, NetSuite can easily decode it and enable seamless operation across one platform. For their proven prowess, the firm’s solutions have proliferated to almost 40,000 organizations across the globe.

Excelling in performance since 1998, NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been a reason for organisational acceleration. Another important element of NetSuite is its cloud-based model, which helps to bring down the cost of servers hosting the ERP. So having NetSuite as the responsible party for the infrastructure backbone of the ERP allows more time for CIOs to focus on leveraging technology as a leader in the organization.

Netsuite at present is under the leadership of Zac Nelson, the President and CEO of NetSuite. The firm has established its presence in different countries across the world and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA.


Showing proficiency at every little aspect of business processes NetSuite’s multiple theory of functionality possesses different tools and its extension enables app building facilities with extensive and customisable SuiteCloud Platform. This platform includes SuiteCloud Developer Tools, SuiteCloud Infrastructure, SuiteApp Directory, SuiteCloud Connect and SuiteCloud Developer Network.

With its every up-gradation, NetSuite ensures automatic apprise of system configurations and customization theories

SuiteCloud Developer Tools cater comprehensive methodologies that manage scripting, workflows, analytics and web services empowering customization, extension, testing and building applications on the platform. SuiteCloud Infrastructure assures data management, data privacy and data security reliability. SuiteApp Directory on the other hand possesses value-added solutions leveraging SuiteCloud and encouraging NetSuite extension for business benefits and mitigating specific industrial requirements. SuiteCloud Connect integrates NetSuite with different cloud platforms and on-premise innovative applications. SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) caters end-to-end technical support to succeed by specialising in product management collaboration, widespread co-marketing and lead generation programs.

Businesses—SMBs or large organizations-always aim to execute a proper plan and desire to implement a flexible, scalable and reliable system that can stand out to perform multiple functions whenever required. NetSuite, being one of the most reliable solution providers in this sphere, therefore renders low cost and hassle free exclusive results for enterprises of all sizes.

The Partnership with Oracle

NetSuite has recently partnered with Oracle. This move is now successfully integrating NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP solutions with Oracle’s in-depth enterprise-base cloud methodologies meant for the back and front office executions. This partnership will be henceforth highly beneficial for accounting, financial planning, analytical works, revenue appreciation, governance, risk management, procurement, compliance and many more.

Where Oracle with its superior cloud computing skills delivers innovative and astounding output to its customers, there NetSuite, through its ERP solutions, enhances business functionalities. Embracing all the modern practices, NetSuite, with its new partner Oracle, is ready to bring ground-breaking discoveries that will render miracles to the world in the days to come. Moreover, this partnership is all set to render integrated cloud-based ERP solutions that will mitigate the upcoming challenges ensuring innovations by utilizing the best modern practices. As technology improves, managers and decision makers can drill down deeper to find correlations and opportunities they hadn’t contemplated before. As NetSuite expands into new territories, it leverages innovative technology and the ideas of companies to provide convenient and effective solutions.