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10 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers - 2017

Nityo Progression Consultancy: Strategic Business Solutions Adorned by Simplicity

As technologies are in a constant state of flux, industries are exposed to vulnerability. This vulnerability would show evident lack of streamlined communication between different departments and units or lack of automated processes that would result in dip in market competitiveness. This leads to demand for firms that could identify and solve problems proactively, make structural changes and provide business process re-engineering, which is appropriately addressed by Nityo Progression Consultancy (Progression). The company was founded to help businesses to address Millennium Bug issues in their Business Application. The firm has grown steadily in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sector and transformed itself to help renew the clients’ business systems, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, eCommerce, and Mobile Solution.

The firm has helped clients prevail over the constant technology changes happening in the industry with its large repertoire of IT services and their methodic implementation. It offers end-to-end business solution and IT consultancy and provides strategic business solutions with support from quality analysts with strong technical know-how. In partnership with Microsoft, Progression offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM – which aids businesses in cost cutting and simultaneously increases profitability by providing organized and automated business processes that cater to customer satisfaction in sales and marketing areas. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is another solution that specifically boosts the SME industry by tracking business progress and provides comprehensive analytics. With its customizable properties and multi-channel deployment capabilities, the NAV ERP system is tailor made for SMEs and MMEs alike.

Along with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV that help leading the digital transformation of clients with automated marketing and digital marketing, Progression has in its ranks inclusive solutions that it furnishes to a range of ERP system suitors. With the rise of e-commerce as a key element in the technology sphere, the lack of resources and knowledge to carry out tasks has been apparent.

The firm has successfully managed to satisfy its clients’ needs and forge loyal relationships in every industry they have been in

Progression addresses the problem by leveraging its Sana e-commerce software that helps launch online webshop and improve sales and customer loyalty. It also has solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 which helps in productivity with its adaptive nature and intelligentsia. Microsoft Azure and Jet Reports are the other products delivered by the firm that provide integrated cloud services and a powerful reporting system respectively.

Progression follows a rigorous work ethic which Ker Mui Chong, Founder and MD, fondly calls the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ that comprises of a committed team working towards a common goal with a proper methodology. This very methodical approach to delivery of customer service has pushed them to bountiful of awards including ‘Best New Partner with Microsoft’ for NAV in 2002 and consecutive Top Business Achiever Award for the last three years. The firm has successfully managed to satisfy its clients’ needs and forge loyal relationships in every industry they have been in, be it FMCG, Construction, Engineering, Non-Profit organizations, Industrial Training organizations, and Real Estate. Progression hopes to maintain the same and also venture into overseas markets keeping their motto ‘Doing the Right thing Right the First Time’. The firm has a philosophy of providing utmost Customer Satisfaction, Happy and Committed Employee, and Profitable Business, a win-win-win relationship. This ensures to deliver sustainable and profitable business.