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PT Inti Data Utama: Enabling SMBs across Indonesia through ERP Systems

Close to 90 percent of the Indonesian corporate landscape comprises of SMBs. Although these organizations are witnessing growth, most of them are stuck in the shackles of legacy systems which render inefficiency to the operations. These organizations need to adopt cost effective, smart new age solutions to streamline processes and ERP systems fit that bill to the ‘T’. In order to provide Indonesian SMBs with the proper tool, enable business growth while simultaneously contributing towards a nation building initiative, PT Inti Data Utama (IDU) was born. Established in September 1999, IDU constituted a joint venture between Audie Suhandinata, CEO and Firman Wiranata, COO. Initially a system builder, IDU shifted its focus towards management consulting to help customers increase business productivity with high quality but cost-effective business solutions. IDU’s area of expertise includes ERP & Analytics, sales processes, implementation delivery and post-implementation support.

SMBs often lag in adopting ERP solutions owing to various reasons such as budgetary constraints, management commitment, user resistance, attachment to legacy system and lack of resources with the appropriate know-how. “Additionally, the low quality of data that SMBs have is another major issue. Since most of these companies have evolved from family owned businesses, the records are often not up to date,” explains Audie. IDU assists these clients with real-time access to business information and reports with high level of visibility that helps them with more accurate and expedite decision making and creating cost effective measures. This empowers clients with greater control over their businesses as the management can now focus more on expanding the business rather than struggling with operational issues. In terms of financial perspective, the clients gain better budget control and real time access to financial reports.

IDU focuses on increasing the accountability and collaboration amongst its client’s company departments as ERP entirely integrates all functions of business within the system.

IDU focuses on increasing the accountability and collaboration amongst its client’s company departments as ERP entirely integrates all functions of business within the system

The company also takes care of the human resource optimization within its client’s organization by training individuals to perfection and weeding out unnecessary headcounts.

“With mobility solution included within our ERP system, sales and field service personnel can work more effectively while recording sales order and evaluating service quality; this will significantly contribute towards increasing the company sales and customer satisfaction,” adds Audie.

The company relies on the years of consulting experience that the IDU team possesses to build a strong differentiating factor for the company. Additionally, IDU is part of a group of IT companies; within the group, services are complementary. “That’s why when a customer requires a different set of solutions; we can provide them all through a one-door deal,” says Audie. IDU has built its expertise in various industry verticals through its implementation experiences across auto dealer management system, café and restaurants, hospitality, construction, tour and travel management, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing. The organization now looks forward to effectively market its existing ERP verticals such as tour/travel management, construction, restaurant & café, and manufacturing. “We will soon start playing ERP and Analytics in Cloud for micro businesses and we are looking forward to collaborate with data centre infrastructure and e-Commerce players,” concludes Audie.