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25 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers - 2017

Daliworks: A SaaS based IoT Cloud Company

The Internet of things (IoT) has gained an ever-larger foothold in the global industry over the past few years. In order to drive value from IoT, several organizations have begun to transform their way of doing business. This transformation traditionally has been a rocky road full of operating losses and wasted effort. This is the pain that Daliworks is making its mark solving. South Korea based Daliworks is the creator of “Thing+”, a SaaS IoT Cloud platform focused on helping partners create IOT “Solution Packages” with a focus on ROI for end-users and businesses. Soonho Lee, Daliworks' Founder and CEO, says, “Our service is unconventional. As most of the other providers in the market only provide platforms upon which to build, normally businesses have a significant hurdle to creating an IOT solution for themselves or their clients. We, on the other hand, provide, along with our partners, a platform that is ready to use immediately out-of-the-box, no code required.”

Daliworks provides three key services: a pre-made “Dashboard” IoT platform with a fully featured UI and UX, a Restful API (upon which the dashboard is built), and an “on-premise” installation of the Thing+ platform. Thing+ is about providing a scaffold upon which businesses can use to build quick-to-market IoT solutions that solve real business problems. Thing+ is to the IoT world what wordpress has been to the website and blog building world. Customers and partners are using this platform by building on top of Daliworks’ API or simply using the platform’s pre-made UI/UX. Specific IoT solutions for specific business needs can be created immediately without touching the underlying code by using the premade Dashboard which, among other things, includes widgets for monitoring data, controllers for controlling devices and a fully featured administration system to support large organizations, and projects. The pre-made dashboard is built on top of a Restful API that is also fully available for use by partners and DEVS that are interested in creating more custom apps and functionality.

The platform is said to be solid, secure and highly scalable, with a cloud-based backbone tested and commercially proven in partnership with SKT; one of the largest and most technology-forward Telecom companies in the world. Daliworks is laser-focused on providing a platform that can be picked up and used immediately by its partners, and also has the security and scalability to support even the largest operations.

Daliworks is engaged with creating an ecosystem along with the hardware and service partners sharing its platform

Most IoT platforms in the market today aim at providing complex functionality to large companies focused on massive projects where months of development work on top of the platform is possible and required. In contrast, Daliworks focuses on helping businesses solve problems with as little development time as possible – their core differentiation. IoT solutions built using Daliworks’ platform have been tested and are being mass commercialized through SKT’s countrywide LoRaWAN network, one of the largest in the world. “Over a year of testing and commercialization of IoT solutions with SKT and other major Korean and Asian partners, we have proven our reliability and scalability,” adds Lee. Daliworks has created a strong ecosystem with hardware and service partners supporting its platform. It is essential for Daliworks to expand to an extended base of hardware partners in order to provide easy access to area specific hardware vendor products and developing expertise in other technological domains. The company has thus been forming partnerships with several large European and Asian partners in the past few years adhering to its business model of ‘sharing’ services.

Daliworks’ vision of focusing on additional out-of-the box functionality is accompanied by its advances towards time saving measures for its clients. It is helping to create vertical-specific data monitoring and prediction visualization “Widgets” which are customizable on a per-business vertical basis. The company has also planned to implement AI based data analytics to detect abnormalities in data automatically. Daliworks has already conquered the IoT Cloud space in the Korean industry and in 2017, it plans to further expand its foothold in the markets of other countries worldwide, with a focus on Southeast Asia.